Reply to Stotler

I also attended this and am very glad I did. It really solidified what we started in 3rd and reinforced what we are trying in 5th this year. Having a year of this with 3rd grade already under my belt I drew on my experiences from last year and felt that reaffirmation today after Ian’s session.  I really liked his ideas of smaller not bigger when it comes to assessments and exit tickets.

Data and its Role in Station Rotation Teaching

This was a very relevant workshop. After chatting with many colleagues I am glad I attended something more relevant to Elementary grades. Ian was great and had much experience with schools similar to Sully. I feel like a big take away is the reminder that kids need to practice practice practice! With a teacher, each other, as well as digital experiences.  He has one digital station while the other stations give opportunities for practice and collaborating with other children to play math games. Having the parents involved through the digital games has allowed him to access what the kids are doing at home and he doesn’t have to assign homework. He encouraged me to “keep doing flex math and teaching the students where they are – the benefits will be worth it