Slide Show Reflection

As I looked through the slides, I was interested in Ms. Melton’s slide.  The Levels of Understanding were a great idea for the classroom and an easy way for students to assess and report their own learning. She provided a great connection to “fist-to-five,” as well. The goal slide was also a good reiteration of content that I heard in sessions I attended.  The visuals on her slide provided a good illustration of what the ideas look like in the classroom. Thanks for your contribution from your PL experience, Ms. Melton.

PLaPalooza Reflection

I really enjoyed having the opportunity to explore PL.  As a new teacher in elementary and LCPS, it has required a bit of a shift in thinking. The sessions I attended crossed age groups and it was interesting to hear how teachers at all levels are applying their ideas of PL in their classrooms.  The sessions I attended were round tables and it was just as interesting to learn what was not working–the shared frustrations.  One interesting commonality with some other special education teachers was the difficulty in meshing goals with PL, especially when the goals were not constructed with the PL curriculum in mind.  This is something to continue to look into and learn about further.