What I will use in my classroom…TOMORROW

Using the colors on a flip chart where students can drag their name to what they have chosen to work on. It seems like such a simple change for accountability….I love the idea of making a slide on a flip chart that lists the different things that the students can be working on and while giving them voice and choice it also allows me to see exactly who is working on what or if they are spending too long on a specific program. For example we ask our kids to work on math games for 15 minutes and many of them decide to play the games for the entire time so allowing me to see exactly who is working on what and glancing up knowing that they have been in the same area for over thirty minutes will allow me to keep them focused on completing parts of their playlists.

PLaPalooza Reflection

I was excited to see what was offered today as we got geared up to learn more about PL. Going into Sched to schedule my events was overwhelming, there were so many choices and I was struggling to decide what I wanted to do. I tried to go to a different core piece of PL. I wish that the events would have been color coded to tell what grade level they would be most helpful for. I went to a session that was geared at all 10th and 11th grades individualized content based instruction and it was hard for me to get anything out of the session that I could apply in my classroom tomorrow which was disappointing as it was on a topic that I really wanted some pointers for. I feel that there were so many different sessions that went along together and only a couple of different topics covered (playlists, google classroom, station rotation, goal setting).

Giving some direction for presenters who were presenting some ideas of what they could cover may have helped get rid of some of the overlapping that occurred. The name of the session was different but the information was similar. I feel that as Sully Hornets we are rockstars at using PL in our classrooms and many of the sessions seemed redundant for us and I wish there would have been some sessions where we could have dived deeper into PL instead of just scratching the surface with using google classroom or playlists.

Overall the idea of having multiple sessions where we can share across the county different PL ideas that we can take and use in our classrooms is a brilliant use of Professional Development time, unfortunately the organization seemed slightly off. There wasn’t enough parking and all of the sessions that may have been more beneficial filled up quickly and we were unable to attend. Spreading it out over the day more and offering more sessions or at different schools may have helped some the congestion issues.

Wild about Creativity

Given so many choices on what professional book to read this summer was more difficult than I thought it would be. There were many choices and I remember how amazing I felt after finishing TEACH like a Pirate last summer and the courage it gave me to give into my passion and share it with my students. I decided to read The Wild Card so that I can work on bringing my creativity into the classroom throughout the school year and not just as I am setting up my classroom. I started reading and instantly connected with Hope and Wade, I love the different perspectives they give throughout the book and giving the reader’s an insight into what their own personal lives were like. I love how they make it that creativity is something that anyone can have and it can be different from one person to the next no matter what kind of background you come from. This is uplifting to me as I continue to read this book and get excited about what I will continue to learn.