I can’t “WAITS” to try these!


View Pure!  So excited to have a way to clear the clutter and stress from YouTube vids in the classroom and on playlists!  Strips video on YouTube of ads and only allows the selected video to be played.

AnswerGarden!  I am always looking for fun ways to assess in real time!  I will have to experiment with this and how I would like to use it across subject areas.

Playlist accountability!  Having students check themselves in to what they are going to be doing during their playlist work on the Promethean board throughout the block.



PLaPalooza Reflection

As a new member of the Sully AND LCPS families, I found the information presented today to be very useful as this is my first journey into the world of PL.   I enjoyed learning and working with other people from across the county and sharing what we know and do in our classrooms.  The Discovery Education and Goal Setting sessions were especially helpful.  The other session I signed up for was directed at secondary educators and it would have been helpful to have known that or had it explained in a clearer fashion so that I would not have attended that session and could have used my time for something that would apply to me.   I also was proud to see that so many of the things presented today are things we ALREADY do at Sully!