PLaPalooza – Once, Twice, Three times a Presenter

First things first…

But it’s a good kind of pooped! It was really amazing to be able to present and share ways to formatively assess students in a Personalized Learning environment. The basics of my session(s) were about the different digital tools, but the explanations, questions asked and discussions had dug more into instructional strategies and how to get the most out of both the tools we are using and the students we are targeting.

It was also intimidating to present to middle and high school teachers – I chose the assessment tools to be K-12 friendly, but don’t have much experience implementing them with older students. I think I did a good job of making it reach across grade levels.

My hope is that each person (almost 30 per session!) walked away with even justĀ one assessment they would like to try in their class. I gave a variety of options and hope that I didn’t overwhelm them. 50 minutes just isn’t long enough! Here’s a link to my presentation: PLaPalooza – Digital Formative Assessments: Let’s Take Some Together!

Now, onto #VSTE….

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