PLaPalooza was a good way to see what others are doing with PL in different schools and grade levels. I was able to take away several good ideas and things to try out in the PL we are starting in second grade. It can sometimes be overwhelming with all the new great and awesome ideas and I want to be able to try them all, but I am going to try and focus on implementing 1-2 new things to what we have already established this year. For example, I want to be better about reflection and make it more of a priority. I have an idea to try the reflection piece digitally on SeeSaw. That way, I can respond to my students post and give them feedback. Another thing I want to try is having my students select what they will be working on during playlist time (what I wrote about on my slide). That way I know exactly what each student is working to accomplish. I am going to start with these small changes in order to make the PL learning in 2nd grade a little better!

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  1. I completely agree! It is nice to get out of my own box and see, hear, and learn from others. I especially like to hear what worked, and why it worked as well as what did NOT work so as to not make the same pitfalls. This drastically decreased my learning curve for each PL.

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