Where to begin in the world of PL?

Today was very beneficial to my virgin PL eyes. This was only my second PD for PL and I am so glad that we got to participate in this event. Having the opportunity to choose between different PD and presenters was also a plus.

In my first session I learned that, not only am I using playlists correctly but, there are SO many different ways I could incorporate playlists. There are also different levels to playlists so starting out with a more basic playlist at the beginning of the year, like a coloring sheet, could benefit your class in the long run and eliminate the hassle of having to change playlists weekly, or monthly.

My next session was a bust, unfortunately, it was geared more toward secondary so I did not get much takeaway during this time.

My last session was learning how to incorporate Seesaw into my classroom and I am positive that I will be using this app in the coming week!

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