PL Playlists

I attended a session called Playlist Like a Pro in which the session leaders shared many different versions of Playlists they have used in their classroom.  It is obvious that playlists are not a one size fit all from year-to-year and the presenting teacher shared that what works for one class won’t necessarily work for another.

We saw many different types of playlists:

    • Coloring playlist – activities are spread out through a picture and as students complete an activity they color it in
    • BINGO/Choice Board with Must Do/May Do
    • Points Playlist – as students complete activities they earn points – must earn certain number of points (*similar to the “menu” style – choose appetizer/entree/dessert)
    • Interactive/Digital – Google Docs/Sheets

A huge takeaway from this session was that we should start small and increase in difficulty throughout the year as your students show that they are ready.  Having a playlist with a small selection of meaningful activities is better than multiple pages that will overwhelm students and teachers.

I look forward to continuing to embed different types of playlists into my classroom and to identify what is a great fit for my students.

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