My thoughts on another’s slide

I read Christine Chandler’s slide about the different types of playlists we can implement in our classrooms.   I feel that it is  in my comfort zone to use the more basic playlist form with a task and an accountability piece, but Christine shared many other ways like choice boards and coloring playlists that could be very useful for K-2 classrooms, EL students, and students across grade levels.

I love the idea of a coloring playlist for Kindergarten students or EL students who are not yet able to fully write reflections but can use coloring as their method of accountability.

Also the idea of adding points/worth to playlists to make the playlist a little more engaging and exciting for the kids would be a great idea!  Students could create their own goal of the points they are going to have collected for the week to not only keep them accountable but to teach them how to create their own plan for goal setting.  They can work for rewards or even work to open a new exciting bonus task that is worth even more points!  I know my class could use some extra motivators for their playlists so this point system could be a great idea to implement!

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