Murphy’s Reflection

I really enjoyed the sessions I went to this morning. In Hannah’s session I was able to find at least 2 different online assessment ideas to use with my students. I already made an exit ticket for content for this week! My second session was on Genius Hour. I am really, really excited to figure out how to incorporate it into our first grade classes. I think that allowing students to have that time to apply the skills we are teaching them in a real world, cross-curricular research project will be a fantastic way to get students excited about learning. This is what I wrote about on my slide so check it out! I want to propose to my team a plan of making one content lesson a week a Genius Half Hour, and then incorporating another two days of playlist rotations as time students can work on their projects. There will definitely be some kinks to work out, but I am going to do more research, and then propose a plan to my team next week. My last session was Sara and Rachel’s, which was also awesome. They had lots of great ideas on how to incorporate PL and playlists in the first grade classroom. I cant wait to try all of the things I learned!

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  1. Ariana, I am really interested to find out more about the Genius Hour and how we can implement it for First Grade. I also agree with the Math PL session. Sara and Rachel had a lot of great ideas with implementing PL during Math centers.

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