In The Wild Card  the authors encouraged teachers to use their own creativity, rather than trying to replicate someone else’s ideas. In order to be an effective teacher, who acts as a guiding force (the “wild card”) in your students’ lives, you need to be authentically yourself. Doing so will allow you to put passion into your work, which your students will respond to.


After reading The Wild Card, something that stuck with me was the idea of a room transformation. The authors mentioned that some topics are challenging to teach because they aren’t relevant to students and it can be tough to get their attention about the topic. Our team has already had a discussion about doing a room transformation for one of our topics in the first quarter and I’m very excited to see how the students’ engagement is affected with this room transformation!



The book Wild Card was very interesting.  I liked that it encouraged teachers to step outside of their comfort zones and try new and engaging room transformation with their students.  They made a valid point of making sure that creativity went hand in hand with standards and provided students rigorous content.


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