Be One for the Kids

As I read the second half of Be One for the Kids, the focus went from how to include kids to how we can be more positive and encouraging teachers.  I think one thing that we need as teachers is to take time (every week or two weeks) to congratulate each other on what we are doing well.  Oftentimes we feel so burdened that we are doing the wrong thing that we forget we are doing just fine in certain areas or all.  Having that encouragement from teacher peers or administration would help create a positive environment all around.  I, personally, need that, since I put myself down a lot.  It is always good to have good praise to keep you going as a teacher.

Three questions were asked in the text as well as part of a self-reflection piece.  How do you stay creative, How patient are you,  and how do you communicate with staff? I would say out of the three that I do number three the best, which is good considering I’ll be a co-teacher.  I could work on the creativity, but thank God for Pinterest.  Finally, and I am pretty patient, which sometimes is good and sometimes not so good.  Depends on the situation.

All in all, this book was good in that it refocused my mind on encouragement, how to be there for kids inside and outside of school, and to be honest with ourselves so that we build respect.

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