The Wild Card

I’m very late to the game on my first post but I have been enjoying reading The Wild Card. One of the things that stood out to me about this book was the metaphor the authors used relating what a student brings to a classroom to a hand that they’re dealt in a card game. Their point is that the student has no control over the hand they’re dealt so you, as the teacher, need to be the wild card that gives them a leg up. I think you can extend this metaphor to think about how, despite the hand a player is dealt, a good card player can still use strategies to come out on top. It is, therefore, a teacher’s responsibility to not only act as the wild card but to teach their students strategies that will allow them to take control of the hand they’ve been dealt and to utilize it to their best ability. The authors of this book believe that this can be achieved by increasing student engagement, and therefore ownership of, their learning. I’m excited to continue reading this book and find more specific strategies for how I can help my students successfully “play” their hands.

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