2 thoughts on “Play Like a Pirate

  1. Play-Doh prompts are a great way to have 100% successful contributions to a group project, individual project or “characters” for IMovie or SeeSaw. I love the idea of individual creation and kids love the idea of destruction= win/win! Quinn Rollins point of not competing as an artist hit home with (the non-artist in) me as a way to collaborate or share ideas rather than looking at my neighbor’s “Starry Night” and becoming instantly defeated.

  2. Great ideas to add spark, fun, collaboration and creativity into the classroom. Great ideas for rather ‘dry’ subjects such as history or geography. We found the author planning his teaching objective first and fitting into a lego build or play doh for examples where everyone is a successful contributor to the
    objective. Children don’t play board games anymore where strategy and problem solving are taught as well as good sportsmanship.

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