2 thoughts on “Kids Deserve It

  1. Authors Todd Nesloney and Adam Welcome talk about the importance of making an impact towards student’s learning in more meaningful ways. Yes, teachers are always trying to find different things they can incorporate into their classrooms to get their students eager to learn, but sometimes we do not move beyond our comforter zone. In other words, we stop when we believe an idea is going to be impossible to do or not successful. Stepping outside of our comforter zone is what Todd Nesloney and Adam Welcome want us to do. They understand that things do not always work out, but if we don’t try, we will never know. They provide a perfect example of a teacher turning his classroom into a hospital room for a day. This teacher was not too sure about this idea, but after seeing his students so excited and welcoming, he was proud of himself for taking the leap.

    In addition, I love the advice these authors included in the book. On page 57, the authors write the following “whatever your role in your school is, commit to being a leader worth following.” I agree with this statement because as a teacher, students are always looking up to you and watching every step you take. As a leader, you must show your students the love you have for them, as well as the excitement to teach. In the end, you are “the captain and will get the ship doing what it was designed to do (pg. 57)!”

    • I agree that sometimes as educators we are nervous about stepping outside of our comfort zones but just like we teach our students that failure is okay we need to take that advice. If we try something that doesn’t go well we can’t shut down and say I’m never trying it again we need to reflect. There was a sentence in my book that said often times we as teachers are the ones that make excuses and prevent our students from stepping up to challenges. It’s that idea of if we hold our students back we are never going to learn what they are capable of achieving. We cannot make assumptions about our students just like we can’t assume that a technique is not going to work if we never try.

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