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  1. I am posting by responding since I did not see a link to create a post. A lot of the book refreshes my mind of the ideas I would like to follow everyday. As the saying goes, “Easier said then done.” There were three main points I have taken from this book so far.
    1) The author spoke about having fun in the classroom. I ALWAYS make an effort to smile or make kids laugh. The only issue I have is balancing that with firmness. I want the kids to be comfortable and come up to me for anything, but I also want to also be taken seriously.
    2) Advocating was something else that stuck out for me. When I speak to kids to find out what is wrong, even when we have a good relationship, they tend to not want to say what is wrong because they think they will get in trouble with either friends or family. I do not know how to break down that barrier so I can advocate for the student.
    And 3) This is going back to my past after reading, “they chose not to try something new because no one else would try it.” I remember a fourth grade teacher I had that was always trying new things and made 4th grade very different from any other class I ever experienced. For example, she would have us create plays for the parents out of books we read, had us be teachers for the day, and create our own books. I remember being on the lunch line and she was yelled at because she had tried a new science experiment with us and it ended up messing up the walls (we were creating slime). She was crying while we were on the lunch line. She was a new teacher and she was trying something new and I wish I could go back to that time and tell her while she was getting yelled at that she didn’t deserve it because she was making learning fun for us. I think teachers need to be told that they are doing great things constantly because we focus so much on the negative.

    • I think you make an excellent point in that we really need to make learning and school fun for our kiddos, even if that means trying something others aren’t willing to try. I think we sometimes get caught up in the paperwork and busyness of the day that we don’t take the time to try something out of the ordinary, but as you pointed out from your own experiences, those out of the ordinary learning opportunities are what could stick with a student for a lifetime.

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