Social Media Marketing


I chose to send my site to Rocket Marketing Inc since they are one of the most prominent and highly rated social media marketing agencies on the internet.  This means that they are constantly interacting with new potential customers that could get some value from the content of my google site.


My rhetorical situation had a profound effect on the genre that I chose to portray my information in because I wanted to make it a brief, but professional presentation of information.  In addition, most people who utilize social media marketing are attempting to promote a website of their own so they are going to be more inclined to read a website than any other medium.  The google sites also allowed me to incorporate more social media jargon and specific diction that applies to those who have an understanding of how social media works.


In addition, the rhetorical situation heavily influenced many of the decisions I made regarding the content of my site.  In my case, I am addressing the customers of social media marketing agencies which forced me to modify much of my writing to be more informative for people interested in getting involved in social media.  I was able to make it more educational rather than investigative as it was in my research paper.  In the end, a few tweaks allowed my research paper to fit the new rhetorical situation I was given.

The Final Blog Post

In my short history of blog posts, I have enjoyed writing creatively about whatever topic I could imagine with essentially no boundaries.  What am I going to do on my Sunday nights now? At least I still have Membean to look forward to.  But on a serious note, blogging has taught me quite a bit about not only my own writing, but the writing of others as well.  Now, when I am perusing a website and looking at article titles, I begin to ask myself a variety of questions.  Why did the author choose this topic?  How does the title relate to the article?  How much background research did they need to formulate their writing?  All these questions would have never even crossed my mind just a few short months ago.

In addition, I have begun to appreciate those who write content for the thousands of websites people visit everyday.  I can now admire the ability of writers to allow their voice to show through their writing.  When a writer can successfully avoid a monotonous tone, and instead add their own personal flare to their writing through asking questions, altering syntax, and using specific diction.  Even in our own writing community, there are a couple writers that are to really produce articles that are enjoyable to read.  Two of my favorites are Ethan Scott and Will Carlin.  Both of these two can captivate me with their writing just by simply letting their voices blend with their words.  Maybe someday a few of our classmates will take their talents to the real world and continue to blog in the future.

To finish things up, I hope I was able to entertain a few people with my own blog posts.  Thank you, and goodnight.

McDonald’s Salad

Growing up, McDonalds has always been one of my least favorite restaurants.  I find most of their food to be unappetizing and even repulsive at times.  However, their affordable prices and abundant locations make it an attractive food option for teenagers.  It is even a tradition to head over to “McSheetz” after every football game as a time to fill up on some cheap food and socialize with others.  Naturally, I found myself under the golden arches quite a few times.

When I am forced to enter the doors of McDonalds, I order something that may seem unorthodox to many.  Dozens of people have mouthed their opinions to me questioning why I did not just order a cheeseburger or McNuggets.  Instead, I choose to order a salad.  A grilled Southwest Chicken Salad with southwest dressing to be exact.  Now you may be wondering, why on earth would you want to get a salad from McDonalds?  I always tell people that they should try it before they denounce its taste.  In my opinion, it is actually quite a delicious salad that is a much better use of money that any of the other greasy atrocities that fill the rest of the menu.

In my whole life, I have only met a handful of other people who share the same thoughts about ordering a salad at McDonalds.  And two of them happen to be my parents.  There have been times where I will order some McNuggets or some fries to switch things up, but I still believe that the Southwest Chicken Salad reigns supreme.


The Next Chapter

       After perusing through countless blog posts, I have begun to see a common theme among those posted to our College Composition community.  Everyone seems to be writing about it being the end of their time in high school and all the memories they have made over the past four years.  Even I wrote something of a similar nature in my post about the end of my baseball career. Recently, I have been looking at things with a more future oriented mind.  Rather than looking at it as the end of a chapter of my life, I have been looking at it as the beginning of something new.  

       The beginning of adulthood in which I hope to meet new people and grow as a person to eventually become an independent, successful adult.  I will always remember my time as a high schooler and all the memories I made with my friends, but I cannot wait to see where we all end up after the next 10 years.  To see who flourishes into influential members of society and see who encounters setbacks in their lives. Will everyone live out their childhood dreams and become the person they have always strived to be?  Probably not, but that is what will make the next chapter of our lives so unique and interesting. 

       While everyone has different goals and passions in life, I hope to come back to our ten year high school reunion as an exemplary member of society who is successful in the business world.  I hope to have graduated college and obtained my MBA or a similar degree, but still make the most of my time at whatever university I attend. I hope to stay close with all my friends from high school while still making lots of new friends during my college years.  While none of these things are for sure, looking at the next chapter of my life, I am hopeful for the future.

The Final Dollar

      When I was a child, I was enthralled by the world of business and entrepreneurship.  I always wanted to start my own company and make money whenever I could. Although, it is quite hard to raise capital and open your own business as a 4 year old kid.  That is when I turned to the old reliable lemonade stand. I gathered some of my friends, a table, some lemonade, and a few pieces of poster board for advertisements. We decided on the price point of $0.25 per cup, and began making the signs.

      Soon, we were ready to head out on the streets and start selling to cars that were passing my neighborhood.  We set up our table, taped up the signs, and waited for the money to start rolling in. After a couple minutes, business was booming and the money was flowing.  I thought I was going to be rich. We were making upwards of $10 an hour and I could not have been happier. As time went on, we began to run low on lemonade and had to make our way back to my house to count our profits and distribute the money.  I proposed the idea of going public and raising some capital to open a second lemonade stand but my friends convinced me it was too early.  

      Once we reached my garage, we took a seat and spread our profits across the concrete floor.  We finished counting and the total came out to be $32. This was the largest total we had ever brought in from a single day of selling so we were quite pleased.  But then came the hard part, dividing the money between the four of us. Everything divided evenly so each person could take home $8. Until, I reached into my pocket and pulled out the final dollar.  We tried to find out who would take home this last George Washington, but everyone wanted to have their even cut. After some deliberation, we came to the conclusion that the only way to evenly divide the dollar was to cut it into quarters and distribute the pieces.  The perfect solution was found and everyone went home happy.

      Looking back on the day now, we did not really think our decision through as much as we should have.  While we all technically got an even cut of the money, none of us could even use our final cut of the profits.  Maybe things would have been different if we would have learned about how to split money earlier on. But, I guess I will just be stuck with a quarter of a dollar bill for the rest of my life. 

High School Memoir

      Throughout my high school years, I have grown and changed quite a bit both physically and mentally.  But the one thing that has always been a constant factor in my life has been playing sports. I have been participating in sports ever since I could walk.  I played baseball, basketball, football, swimming, soccer, and golf. You name it, I probably played it at some point in my life. Although, the one sport that I have always loved was baseball.  From my first swing in t-ball as a tiny, uncoordinated four year old, I knew it was the sport for me.  

      Now, as a high schooler, nothing has changed.  Every swing feels just as exhilarating as the first.  Every close play just as suspenseful as the first. The only thing that seems to have changed are my abilities which have grown immensely, or at least I think they have.  It has become an outlet for all my stresses and off the field struggles. Once I step on that baseball diamond it is just me, my teammates, and the game I love so much. The sport seems to hold me together just like the seams of a baseball hold it together.  Without it, who knows where I would be now or what I would be doing with my life.  

      With my final year of high school beginning, I am now staring at my final baseball season. The final inning of my career, the seventh game of the series in my life, or the last strike in my perfect game.  It’s coming to an end. But I can confidently look back at my career and appreciate the countless hours I have spent on the diamond making memories that will stick with me for the rest of my life.

Organic Object

       As I walked into Target and scoured the fruits and vegetables section, I came across a bin full of bright red tomatoes.  I decided it was the perfect object to choose for english class the next day. I dug through the bin until I found a particularly robust looking one.  Finally being selected, I am sure it was happy to finally leave its crowded bin, but little did the tomato know that it would be the subject of my meticulous inspection and incessant poking and prodding for the next week.  

       At first glance, the tomato looked vibrant and appetizing with a symmetrical, round shape that would be perfect for slicing and putting on burgers or sandwiches.  But even though I hand picked this object for observation, tomatoes happen to be one of my least favorite fruits. I would much prefer a fresh honeycrisp apple or a juicy orange or a ripe watermelon.  This same principle can be applied to humans. Someone might look like a kind, caring person from a distance, but once you get to know them you might realize they are not the person you made them out to be.  This sort of misjudgement happens all the time and people are constantly feeding it by acting differently around certain groups of people.  

       As the week drew on, the tomato began to lose its luster and started to succumb to decomposition.  Along with its initial luster, my desire to write about the fruit also began to disappear. I could no longer formulate interesting journals about it and began to write more about what was wrong with the decaying object.  I was essentially pointing out the flaws of an inanimate object. My shift in attitude began to become more interesting than the object itself as it felt like I was judging someone in real life. Like I had a personal vendetta with some random tomato.  But in the end I pulled through a finished off the week disposing of my object in the trash and turning the page to start my next journal entry.


Organic Object Annotations