The Role of Pharmacy in Health Care

I used google sites to present my information to a new audience. In my original paper, the focus was more directed to the field and the people who has some sort of relation to that field. However, my google site was focused more on the future pharmacists that will take the roles pharmacy has adopted over the years. I chose to do this because I noticed that I talked a lot about how education and work performance changed over the years as the roles had changed in my original paper. Therefore, I sent my google sites to an instructor who teaches my intended audience.

I liked this media because it was the easiest to use when trying to communicate information to an audience. It is simple to use. It is also easy to navigate through the site. I also liked how because of its simplicity, the audience could look through it as they pleased. I had to choose once whether I should create a lot of pages, or just a few, and I chose to do a few to create a site that was easy to use. There were no complications when I tried to make this site, so overall, I was pleased with this choice.

I tried to create a site that would be look simple and appealing to my audience. To do this, I tried to keep medical terminology and jargon out of my information. Instead, I used informal language with pictures to help explain the topics. I also simplified my information instead of copying and pasting my information to the site.

4 thoughts on “The Role of Pharmacy in Health Care

  1. The layout of your Google Site is great! I like how you analyzed the differences in roles from past pharmacy practices to current pharmacy practices. I didn’t think how in the past it was more population-oriented than today’s patient-oriented practice. It’s interesting how you put prescriptions in a bad light, too.

  2. Great work! Your Google Site is layed out so well and is easy to comprehend for all. The information is perfect for what is necessary for the new audience. Also, the pictures make a great addition to the overall site!

  3. I think it was a good idea to keep medical language out of your revision considering the audience change that you were appealing to. Great call! I also liked the choice of pictures and the chronological order you formatted the sites in.

  4. I like how your site was organised which made it very enjoyable to read and look at. It was also cool to see how you talked about the original role of a pharmacist.

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