Hershey Kisses v. Starbursts

A Hershey Kiss and a Starburst both give a sense of appreciation.  Both make your mouth water as you smell the sweetness of each candy’s flavor.  One has a sweet, rich taste in chocolate, while the other has the sweet, sour tastes of the different kinds of fruit.  I imagine eating Starbursts as a refresher in the summer when it is really hot out; however, I imagine eating a Hershey Kiss in the winter when it is cold out, and I want to feel a sense of warmth and joy around Christmas.  The peppermint and chocolate mix of the Hershey Kiss reminds me of the sweet times around Christmas, and it makes me want to appreciate the gatherings and joy that comes with winter. However, a Starburst reminds me of the good times in the summer when we spend most of our time outside, fooling around.  It also makes me want to appreciate the times of the relaxing heat that comes with Summer. When unwrapping both candies, it reminds me of unwrapping a present that I may get during a family gathering or Christmas party.  Man, those are the good times when we are off from school, and we are spending time with ourselves as well as our family and friends.  Most of the time, people are off during both breaks, so there are many memories to make during these times with the people we love.  I enjoy both candies, but I like Hershey Kisses more because I love chocolate more than any other kind of candy.

One thought on “Hershey Kisses v. Starbursts

  1. I notice, including myself, that a lot of people are posting the Hershey Kisses and Starburst comparisons. Not bad at all, but rather I notice something different about all of them. I find it interesting how we all write and structure so differently, and the content that we use about the same subject is yet so diverse. I love how instead of just comparing their features, you instead get deeper relating it to real like events. Very well said!

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