Halloween Day

Today is the day when young kids dress up as their favorite superhero, actor, or character.  The day when people walk house-to-house to ask for treats (mainly candy).  The day you see carved pumpkins sitting out on the porch.  The day when everyone walks through the cold, chilly night together with friends and family.  The day the whole neighborhood actually sees each other for once.  Yes, today is Halloween; but, not the kind of Halloween you are thinking about.  Today’s Halloween is a gloomy, dull one due to the rain that has darkened the day.  I love rain, but I hate the gloominess of rainy days.  I feel like I have nothing productive or nice to do except sleep or eat.  I hope the rain goes away soon so that I can enjoy the rest of my night.

Today at the Academies of Loudoun, we talked about safety tips for Halloween in my Pharmacy Technology class.  As we were discussing the lesson, I looked out the window and saw that it was still raining.  Sadly, it seems like it is going to be a boring Halloween this year.  I really hope it stops soon so that there can still be a Halloween parade and the event of seeing children run from house-to-house to get candy.  I honestly do not even think I have enough candy to give out either so I might need to go to the store to get some more.  I hope everyone has a good one.  Happy Halloween!!

Quarter 1 Reflection

Dear Diary,

The first quarter of this school year has been really rough.  I had a rough time trying to manage my homeschool work with my Academies of Loudoun work as well as helping around the house with our two at-home businesses.  On top of that, I had to find time to complete my college applications as well.  Honestly, it has been a really stressful quarter for me as well as my fellow seniors.  I am so glad that the quarter is about to end because I am so done with the stress I had to go through for the last couple of weeks.  Academically, this quarter was definitely a challenge.  Before the school year, I had to change two of my four classes because they did not have availability for me since I go to Academies one day and Heritage the other day.  Because of that, I had to take different classes that I did not want to take.  It has been hard adjusting to the new classes; therefore, my grades were not as good as I wanted them to be. It makes me sad, but I also have to take into account that this is my last year of high school. In life, I will not always get what I want; therefore, I need to learn to overcome these obstacles, and the first thing I need to do is have a better mindset.  For the next quarter, I want to have a positive mindset and learn to deal with stress better than I did this quarter.  I hope I do well next quarter!



Hershey Kisses v. Starbursts

A Hershey Kiss and a Starburst both give a sense of appreciation.  Both make your mouth water as you smell the sweetness of each candy’s flavor.  One has a sweet, rich taste in chocolate, while the other has the sweet, sour tastes of the different kinds of fruit.  I imagine eating Starbursts as a refresher in the summer when it is really hot out; however, I imagine eating a Hershey Kiss in the winter when it is cold out, and I want to feel a sense of warmth and joy around Christmas.  The peppermint and chocolate mix of the Hershey Kiss reminds me of the sweet times around Christmas, and it makes me want to appreciate the gatherings and joy that comes with winter. However, a Starburst reminds me of the good times in the summer when we spend most of our time outside, fooling around.  It also makes me want to appreciate the times of the relaxing heat that comes with Summer. When unwrapping both candies, it reminds me of unwrapping a present that I may get during a family gathering or Christmas party.  Man, those are the good times when we are off from school, and we are spending time with ourselves as well as our family and friends.  Most of the time, people are off during both breaks, so there are many memories to make during these times with the people we love.  I enjoy both candies, but I like Hershey Kisses more because I love chocolate more than any other kind of candy.