March Madness Incoming

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2019 March Madness

One of the best times of the year for a sport fan. March Madness. With Selection Sunday coming up this weekend, I really hope Syracuse gets in. Most people have them projected as around a 9 seed, and a win tonight against Pitt will improve their case. If they do beat Pitt they have Duke (with Zion) on Thursday. Syracuse did just fall to Clemson on the road which was pretty upsetting but their resume is good enough to secure them a spot in the Tournament. As for the other teams, Saint Mary’s just won the WCC in a win over Gonzaga, which means Gonzaga will be in as an at-large team now, kicking out what will probably be a middle of the pack Power 5 team on the bubble. As for the rest of the ACC, in my opinion 7 teams will be in the dance. Those teams being UVA, Duke, UNC, FSU, VT, SU, and either NC State or Clemson, depending on how their game goes today. From what I have saw, Clemson is a very solid team and I see them making the tournament and making a run with their experience. (EDIT: I was wrong) Most would say UVA has the greatest chance to win the whole thing, but others contradict that point by saying UVA isn’t a good tournament team. In my opinion, whoever wins the ACC tournament will win it all as well. Other non-ACC threats that I can think of are Gonzaga, Kentucky, and Tennessee. I see Kentucky as a bigger threat than some people think, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they make a solid run as they have really figured it out since the start of the season. Another team a lot of people are excited to see is OVC Champion Murray State, with electric guard Ja Morant leading the team. All in all, I can’t wait for the tournament and I think it will be super exciting to watch.

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