Women of STEM


The first thing I wrote on the site was that I wanted to focus on women in finance, because that is the career path I plan to pursue. However, as I completed this assignment it shifted to women of STEM, because it was an interesting topic. I shared the paper with our very own, Mr. Irwin, because he has some insight into the financial world and that career. I wanted to make the site as concise and straight to the point as I could, so I had to decide which points of my paper I wanted to highlight on the sight. For the most part, I paraphrased my writing. For some of the points that I felt truly needed real data and facts to be understood, I used a few direct quotes. I learned that while it involves numbers, financial analyzing is not actually a STEM field. Even so, I learned that no matter what field I go in to, I could be subject to some kind of harassment. I decided to share this with business professionals and economic/financial leaders because while these issues are incredibly prevalent, many professionals do not have good informative data or genuinely good ideas on how to handle and deal with these issues.

The End of The Road

So this is it. My final blog post. You never realize how much you actually enjoy doing something until it comes to its end. As stressful as it was trying to remember how many comments I had or how many blogs I put up, I truly did enjoy blogging. It was a chance to let my mind run free and talk about some of the things I wanted and show how my mind worked with some of the things that we did in class. Honestly, I do not know if blogging helped me become a better writer. I am sure it did, but I would really need to see some pieces to analyze. I do think that it helped me learn more about how my mind works and the ideas I want to share with the world. Commenting was a little more difficult, because while I had to keep it relatively academic, I loved getting more personal and making connections to the blog posts that I had read. One of my favorite things to do is learn about myself and other people. These blogs gave us a chance to learn about each other and understand we are all going through pretty similar struggles; college, procrastination, extracurriculars. There are so many things that connect random strangers, we just never had a way to see that. Thinking about it, I can always start my own blog on some random website and continue on with sharing my brain with the world. Farewell, final blog post. I have two more comments to write.

Music’s Importance to Me

When I got home, I gathered all my things and took them downstairs to get ready to do homework. Before anything was actually started, I opened Spotify and started my love song playlist. As I am writing this, I am listening and singing along to “Riptide” by Vance Joy. Music is something I absolutely cherish. There are times where I am laying in my bed ready to go sleep and I think, “I need to listen to some music.” I will plug in my headphones and listen to music for over an hour. Every song has a scenario for me. Specific genres and artists are tied to daydream plots and ideas. When I am stressed out or upset, the first thing I do is plug in my headphones and blast music. When I need to get focused on a task or do work, I turn on music. My favorite thing about music is picking it apart. I love noticing details about the instrumental or background vocals that I did not notice before. I also LOVE finding and understanding the meaning of songs. Sure, you say you are listening to the music, but are you listening to it? Understanding what a song means and the references it makes usually helps clear up how I feel about the song and helps foster the connection I have to it. For example, one of my current favorite songs at the moment is called “Wasteland, Baby!”. It is a song about finding/being in love even in the darkest times. I adore it for that reason. It brings out a warm feeling of content. Another song I listen to sometimes is called “Holocene”. I cannot listen to that song all the time. The meaning is about how truly insignificant we are. The emotions provoked by that song are anything but positive, so I can really only listen to it when I am sad. All in all, music is a major influence and driving force in my life. It is both a motivator and inhibitor. I love it. The song currently on is titled “Buy You a Rose”.

Slowing Down

Reading Collins’ article about slowing down made me realize how fast I truly move. Not to say I rush through life, but when I finish something I want to find something else to do. I really do not take time to take a minute and breathe; well, I do, but it is usually at maximum stress levels. I think it is important for us, especially as teenagers about to become adults, to just take a minute to breathe. We feel pressure from the outside world and from ourselves to do activity after activity, going on and on until we become exhausted. It is an endless and unhealthy cycle. I know too many people that say they stayed up for hours doing homework and proceed to come to school on the brink of falling asleep every five minutes. We have got to stop rushing and forcing ourselves to keep going. There is absolutely nothing wrong with stopping if you need to stop and take a break. Nothing is more important than your physical and mental health. A lot of people seem to forget that stress will manifest in a physical form if you are overloaded with it. You might randomly burst into tears, feel like you have the flu, breakout, have body pain-all kinds of things come from being stressed out. We all have long lives ahead of us, lives that we do not need to complete in our teenage years. You can start anything no matter how old you are. So just pause, take a deep breath, and let yourself enjoy right now.


My Use of Writing Theories

After looking at the 20 chosen posters, I mainly wrote about how to be a great writer, releasing ideas, and how to handle a final draft. Thanks to my english teachers over the years, I have recently started freewriting a lot. It helps me see where I want to go with certain ideas and lets me know if I have enough information and ideas to write about a specific topic. When I reread, I can see all the ideas I have laid out and I can decide how I want to develop them or if I want to remove them from the piece. One of the posters said that you needed to be a poet to be a good writer. I do not consider myself a poet but I do think that my writing tends to have very poetic qualities. Whether it comes naturally or my focus on being as eloquent as I can, I am not sure. It is definitely a bit of both. As for final drafts, poster 23 suggested letting the writing sit even if you think it is good. I never considered doing that. Usually when you think something is your best you do not think about it twice. Letting it sit for a while gives you a chance to look at writing with clear and fresh eyes to see any mistakes or further edits that could be made. But then that begs the question, are final drafts really ever final? Personally, I say no. Though, that does not mean there is anything significantly wrong with your piece. It just means you could add something if you really wanted to.

The Power of Vulnerability

Reading about what college admissions people look for in essays was a very interesting insight. All to often when applying to something or telling someone about ourselves, we nearly always emphasize what makes us good: what makes us our own definition of perfect. But that is not how other people always see you. You may think writing about winning first place in multiple competitions makes you sound hardworking, but you could end up coming off as braggy if you write it wrong. Vulnerability is a beautiful thing. It is a side of you that you keep sheltered, hidden, and protected, but it often harbors the most lessons: vulnerability is most often the fear of failure. Without failure you learn nothing. You did not automatically know how to ride a bike. You would start pedaling, then the bike would tilt, so you would slam your feet to the ground to keep yourself propped up. If you needed help from a parent, you needed to ask. I think it is important to be vulnerable, even if it scares you. It is easier to empathize with someone who fell off the bike than it is with the person who got it on the first try. You stand out when you are vulnerable. You give people the chance to connect with you on a deeper level than you would have if you simply wrote about getting first place in the contest. This is not to say that you should write a college essay on your deepest fear or your biggest flaw, but get close to those uncomfortable bounds. Write about why you think the way you think or why you behave in a certain way. Is it protection? Your given nature? Explore yourself so that your reader can explore a piece of you too.

Organic Object//Pear

Green is the color that encompasses this pear. In a fruit bowl, a pear would not be my first choice. But the qualities of a pear surround us in everyday life; especially the pear that I wrote about as my organic assignment. It is covered with freckles, varying in shape and size, similar to the way young children look when theirs first start to develop. It had some brown, but this pear was a pretty shade of light green. It is a green similar to the green of the piggy bank sitting on my dresser. This pear was indeed beautiful in its few glory days. The sweet scent was perfume. 

Pears are very similar to people; they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Do pears view themselves in a certain regard? Do they compare their freckles to the freckles of another pear? Do the emerald colored pears envy the deep crimson colored? It almost makes perfect sense, as they are the color of envy. All this in mind, of all the pears that resided in my fruit bowl, there was a certain charm about the pear that I chose. 

The mango shape and its tilted stem stayed the same through the class sessions in which I wrote about it. Its leafy color grew grim and much of the skin turned to brown. The freckles darkened, too. I admit, I forgot about the pear and left it in my backpack over the weekend. There it suffered lacerations down to the flesh. Oddly, I felt a strong sense of remorse. I was supposed to care for this pear, and yet I let the beauty fade by initiating its demise sooner than need be. The green was fading to brown, signaling it was time to go. My last writing session, I could not smell the pear from afar. It was oddly upsetting. But then, I decided to give it a squeeze to test the give of the flesh. The scent of the pear enveloped my hand, reminding me that being undetected does not mean it is not there.

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