Cybersecurity Google Site

I sent my google site to my brother’s friend Alex because he works for a company dealing with cybersecurity and maybe they would want to inform the public with cybersecurity information. My rhetorical situation led to me creating a google site for my choice of genre since my initial six-page paper was more on the informal side and I felt like a google site would be best for informing an audience. A brochure or a photo essay also would have been good choices of genres; however, having experience and using google sites during our practice day, I was comfortable and confident in my abilities. When producing my google site, I tried my best to organize everything neatly and easy to read through since it would be for a public audience or anyone who sees it. In addition, making things look professional creates a sense of credibility which is something you want when targeting a public audience. On my google site, the amount of text compared to my research essay differs significantly. I obviously cut a lot of text out from my research essay but kept in the most important information and the information I felt like the audience needed to hear.

An End to Blogging

At the beginning of the school year, we were told that we would have to post and comment a specific, required amount of times on a blog page every month. Going into it I hated the idea of blogging because it would require me to write, which is something I disliked doing because I felt like I was terrible at it. However, this began to change when Mr. Stephens told us to bring in an organic object to write about and eventually post the writing as our first blog.

When writing about the organic object, I was able to write what was on my mind at the time and didn’t feel restricted at all. It gave me a new perspective of writing compared to the typical essays that we write that are based off of rubrics. Furthermore, instead of writing to just meet the requirements of a rubric, I was able to write whatever I wanted and in any way I’d like. I didn’t need a hook or background or a thesis or a conclusion. Instead, I just needed a journal, a pencil, and a creative mindset.

Ever since writing about the organic object, I have found blogging to be surprisingly enjoyable. Even though it takes me a while to figure out what I want to write about, once I do find what it is, I am able to write rather quickly as my train of thought flows smoothly. Now that it has only been two months of blogging, I was actually a little sad to hear Mr. Stephens tell us that we will no longer be doing it.

So, here is to my sixth and last blog!


Time to Start Checking The Daily Forecast

It’s getting to be that time of the year again. Throughout most of the year I rarely go on The Weather Channel app to check the weather. However, once mid-November hits, checking the weather at least twice a day seems like a necessity for me. The weather forecast can change drastically within minutes as there is a constant flow of new data from weather models. Usually, forecasts are only reliable within two or less days out of the event, but not much can be guaranteed. Although knowing this, I still get really high hopes when I see even the slightest chance of snow on the daily forecast (14-day forecast). Furthermore, this causes for a lot of heartbreak during the winter when the chance of snow unsurprisingly goes away.

The most irritating of these heartbreaks has to be getting cold rain instead of the heavy snow that you felt like you were promised. Sometimes before going to bed I check the forecast and see that there is a good possibility of snow in the near future and I get excited. However, when I wake up the next morning and check again, I find that the possibility of snow has been completely taken away and replaced with rain.

In order to have snowfall, there are many factors that play a part. One of the most important of these factors is temperature. Living in Virginia is not the most ideal place for snow as the temperature is often inconsistent day-to-day. For example, when checking the forecast it feels like every time there is a chance for precipitation, the temperature tends to be at least ten degrees above freezing. On the other hand, when there is no chance of precipitation, the forecast just so happens to be calling for a temperature close to freezing if not under.

As usual, for this upcoming winter I am hoping for a lot of snow even though most of the time we don’t get that. Maybe this winter will be above average and give us many snow days. For now, all we can do is guess at what it has in store for us.







College Applications Suck

As we all probably know, college applications are a pain to fill out and can be time consuming. In addition to college applications, most of us are also balancing other workload from our classes at the same time. For example, the first quarter of school ends this week which means teachers are cramming work and adding grades, and many college application deadlines for early decision and early action are on November 1st which just so happens to be within the same timeframe. Although this time of the year can be very stressful, I have been able to create a new relationship with my counselor.

When matching my Naviance with Common App, filling out CAT forms, submitting senior forms, and filling out college applications, many questions have come up that I’d have to ask my counselor about. Furthermore, I have probably visited my counselor almost everyday at some point during school for at least the past three weeks. This has further resulted in a great relationship with my counselor and a sense that I could go to her if I ever needed help with anything. When I first started visiting my counselor this year it felt almost like I was meeting a stranger for the first time. However, now, whenever she sees me waiting outside her room, we both just laugh because we both know that I’m having trouble with an application and needing help yet again.

Before senior year I only visited my counselor if it was for the next year’s schedule. Now, looking back on it I realize that I probably should have visited more often. All in all, creating a new relationship with my counselor definitely does not diminish the fact that college applications suck.



Being a Referee

In the falls of 2016 and 2017, I was a referee for D League football. This meant that I was refereeing football games played by kids between the ages of 5-7. The games were played on a running clock and 20 minutes halfs. So, they usually lasted about an hour if you include halftime. For basically watching little kids play football, I would say it was an easy $25 dollars for each game.

For most of the games, I refereed with two other people which made it extremely easy except for the fact that we had to deal with attitude from the coaches and annoying parents. As for every level of football up to the NFL, there is holding on about every play. However, the parents do not realize this and are constantly shouting at the other refs and I after almost every play. In addition, there are only three refs, so not everything is going to be seen. Furthermore, not everything will be called. To add onto it, the kids are very young and most of them are probably playing for their first time, which means that they are bound to commit penalties more often. Therefore, the league is best known as a development league for the kids.

Although I understand that the parents want their kid’s team to win and do their best, they need to realize that sometimes they overreact and need to be more calm. Not only are the kids new to the game, but most of us referees were new to being a referee and were prone to make mistakes as well.


What could of been. When I was around the age of 10, I was put into wrestling unwillingly by my parents. I had no idea why my parents would even think of putting me in wrestling but it happened. Going into it in had no clue what to expect, I had heard of the sport before, but had never watched it. All of the sports I had played before wrestling were ones in which you competed as a team. However, besides practice, wrestling was mostly on your own once it came time to compete. So, the outcome of your match was completely based on how you performed.


Walking into the wrestling room for the first time was like going into a sauna for me since the coach and older kids were already practicing and dripping with sweat. During practice you work one-on-one with another person and I ended up getting stuck with probably the only girl on the team. She was older than me and had more wrestling experience than me. Although this made practice hard, it greatly improved my wrestling for when I faced opponents in my class.


My first season doing wrestling I know was a struggle even though I hardly remember much of it. This continued on for a few weeks in my second but I managed to turn it around greatly. I went on to have a winning streak of 21 over the span of 7 weeks and also got second place in a takedown tournament. To add onto it, I even was awarded with the coach’s award at the end of the season for what I had done. After the second season I ended up not doing wrestling again because I would always complain and my parents let into it.


Looking back on it now, I think I could have been really good if I continued doing the sport. I never seemed to realize this until recently and now it goes through my mind everyday. Although I could do wrestling this winter, I feel like it has been too long since I last wrestled and that it would be too hard to start over again. Quitting wrestling is probably one of my biggest regrets now that I’m a senior and only run Track, in which I’m not the best at.

Organic Object

Artichoke. You have quite a cool name. A pinecone looks like it would be your cousin if you had any. Both of you have the same shape and all; one is just green and the other brown. I’ve never tried an artichoke before . But I’ve watched you be eaten by my family and they seemed to have enjoyed you. Maybe I’ll give you a try someday. You also remind me a cabbage head, just more green and less leafy.

What do you grow on? A tree? A vine? In the ground? I have no clue

After looking it up it seems that you grow kind of like a flower would.

Artichoke. You’re not prime and blossoming anymore. You’re brown and yucky, no longer healthy and edible. I’ve had you for about five days now. Unfortunately for you, I left you out in room temperature for too long on the first day. That obviously wouldn’t help. Now, you sitting in my fridge tucked away, slowly, peacefully, rotting away. I didn’t even take you to school today because I knew it would only make things worse. You would just rot faster and go to waste while my backpack began to smell terribly throughout the day.