“Slithering Snake Survey Results” By: Nate and Josie


And the winner is the BLACK MAMBA!

The black Mamba is the fastest and the deadliest snake on the planet! It slithers with terrifying speed interesting fact the black Mamba is not named for its color of its scale its named from its mouth which is inky black.

And in second place the GREEN MAMBA!

The green Mamba is not as deadly as its black Mamba cousin but is an expert climber and blends into the trees were the green Mamba lives. And yes it is green. But green Mambas usually eat rodents. sometimes they fall on their prey from a tree.

And in last place the BOOMSLANG!

Boom slang’s climb straight up trees. They blend well into them. Boom slangs puff out their necks like balloons and finally they deliver the vicious bite! It is a impressive list of features for just one snake! But the real secret to the Boom slangs success is the eyes their almost human. Like us the eyes are located close to each other at the front of their head so they can see in 3D. It monitors the target with both eyes. Each eye is at a slightly different angle. Figuring out the exact distance between fang and target. A successful hunter with a bag of tricks and a vision to complete a kill.

Thank you SO MUCH again! Also thank you so much for voting!