“A Day to Celebrate the Brave” By: Sam and Matthew

The Veteran’s Day Concert took place on Friday, November 10, 2017. There was excitement in the air as the veterans entered the gymnasium.

Before this special event, we sat down with Mrs. Hrynyk to askĀ  her some questions about the concert.

First, we asked Mrs. Hrynyk if she chose any new songs this year.Mrs. Hrynyk explained that the fifth graders are going to pick the songs new and old. Then we asked her how many songs are there. Mrs. Hrynyk responded there are about 8 songs. Her grandfather was in World War II and 3 uncles served in the army, 2 cousins and a aunt in the military. We thought that her family history was amazing!

At the annual concert Seldens students and staff honored around 75 veterans. Chorus did a great job!

This might have been the best Veteran’s Day concert yet!