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My Trader Joe’s Favorites

One of my all-time favorite grocery stores is Trader Joe’s (shout out! please sponsor me!).  It is perfect for when you are too lazy to cook but you still want to eat some good food.  Some of my favorites from Trader Joe’s include:  Kringle (seasonal), Strawberry Yogurt O’s, almond croissants, pork gyoza, frozen Indian food, cookie butter, dried mango slices and mushroom ravioli.

The Kringle has a different flavor for each season.  I recently had the pumpkin one for spooky season and it was delicious, but my favorite Kringle is the Christmas Kringle.  The Christmas Kringle is like a pastry meets a Cinnabon and it is amazing!

The Strawberry Yogurt O’s and the almond croissants are my favorite breakfast foods.  The almond croissants are from the frozen section, and you just let them thaw overnight and cook in the oven.  They taste almost as good as some of the croissants I had while I was in France.

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The Indian food, pork gyoza, and mushroom ravioli are always perfect for easy and delicious dinners.

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