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Christmas Stuff

I have two words:  Gingerbread Houses.  They are a must.  I always make one with my siblings around the holidays, and it is always so funny.  Drab gingerbread houses are a big no no.  Homemade gingerbread houses are also a big no no.  To avoid these, buy a gingerbread house kit from the grocery store, and make your gingerbread men look like they are doing weird stuff.  Sometimes our gingerbread men are having a party on the roof, or they are having a dip in the pool out front (yes in December…yes it is supposed to be weird).  Just because you gingerbread house is weird doesn’t mean it shouldn’t look good.  Make sure the details are nice and not sloppy.  When people look at this gingerbread house they should go, “oh that’s nice,” and then they should go, “wait a minute.”  Simply put, your ginger bread house should put a little ‘ho-ho-hold up’ in the holidays.

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