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Healthy Eating

If you read my last blog and followed my advice then you probably need this post.   Lets get right to it…

  1. The most basic healthy meal:  Avocado toast  (don’t hate me…this had to be here)…I make mine by popping whole wheat bread in the toaster and spreading half an avocado on each piece.  Then I cook 2 eggs over easy, and plop an egg on each slice.Image result for avocado toast
  2. Simple cod recipe:  heat a pan with butter or oil (about 1/2 tbs per filet), add garlic and paprika, cook for about four minutes(time may vary depending on size), then add a squirt of lemon.
  3. Class up that instant oatmeal.  Start by buying organic, preservative free instant oatmeal (I like apples and cinnamon).  Then, buy some steel cut oats.  Keep some steel but oats soaking in milk in the fridge overnight.  In the morning just combine the soaked oats with milk and instant oatmeal.  Pop this in the microwave and you are good to go.     P.S. instant oatmeal is made with rolled oats and not steel cut (which have more nutritional value).  Instant oatmeal also has a lot of sugar, so it is good to tone it down with plain steel cut oats.  This recipe helped me crave sugar less because you can slowly make it contain more steel cut oats and less sugar.

Thanksgiving…But now it’s Christmas

This Thanksgiving, my family went to my brother’s in-laws’s house.  They are Greek, so they make regular Thanksgiving food and Greek food.  The Greek food was amazing.  There was baklava and pastitsio, which are some of my favorite foods.  I had a little bit of Thanksgiving food, which was also amazing.  I was so happy that there was baklava and tiramisu because I’m not much of a pie person.  The tiramisu was homemade and IT WAS THE BEST TIRAMISU THAT I HAVE EVER HAD!  Now I’m not a huge tiramisu person, but this was insanely good.

Pop out the advent calendar.  Put lights up. Pick you Christmas tree.  Make some food.

Now it’s time to get into the Christmas spirit.  My must try recipe for the first weekend in December is a type of chocolate pretzels that are so easy to make.  I can not emphasize how easy they are and there is no mess.  All you need for this recipe is pretzels (preferable the waffle shaped ones), Hershey Kisses, and M&Ms.

Image result for pretzels with hershey kiss and m&m Picture from:

Get out a cookie sheet, then preheat the oven to 350, and spread a layer of pretzels on the cookie sheet.  Next, place one Hershey Kiss on each pretzel.  Pop these in the oven and check on them about every minute.  It’s important that you don’t overcook them or else the chocolate gets hard and not melted.  Once the chocolate is melted, place one M&M in the center of each kiss.  Voila…you are done.



P.S.  comment what you would like to see in the rest of my December posts.

Cookie Brownies!




For those of you who don’t know what a cookie brownie is, it is brownie batter baked with cookie dough on top.

Image result for cookie brownies

This is a picture of cookie brownies from the Today Show. To read their full article click the link:

Cookies and brownies are fan favorites because they are two of the most classic desserts.  There are so many different ways to make cookies and brownies.  The great thing about cookie brownies is that you can use virtually any method of making cookies and brownies.  You can use box mix for brownies and cookies, or you can make one or both from scratch.  This new trend is starting to catch on, so in some places, cookie brownie mix already exists.  I have tried the Bakers Corner brand of cookie brownie mix and it is just a good as from scratch.

If you still feel like making cookie brownies completely from scratch here is a good recipe for doing so:


Psst…Get ready for next weeks blog because it’s almost Thanksgiving.  Brace yourselves.

My Trader Joe’s Favorites

One of my all-time favorite grocery stores is Trader Joe’s (shout out! please sponsor me!).  It is perfect for when you are too lazy to cook but you still want to eat some good food.  Some of my favorites from Trader Joe’s include:  Kringle (seasonal), Strawberry Yogurt O’s, almond croissants, pork gyoza, frozen Indian food, cookie butter, dried mango slices and mushroom ravioli.

The Kringle has a different flavor for each season.  I recently had the pumpkin one for spooky season and it was delicious, but my favorite Kringle is the Christmas Kringle.  The Christmas Kringle is like a pastry meets a Cinnabon and it is amazing!

The Strawberry Yogurt O’s and the almond croissants are my favorite breakfast foods.  The almond croissants are from the frozen section, and you just let them thaw overnight and cook in the oven.  They taste almost as good as some of the croissants I had while I was in France.

Image result for trader joe's almond croissants

The Indian food, pork gyoza, and mushroom ravioli are always perfect for easy and delicious dinners.

Image result for trader joe's mushroom ravioli



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