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My Favorite Restaurant (in the US)


My 3rd favorite restaurant ever is called the Bavarian Chef.  It is located near Charlottesville, VA and it is my favorite restaurant in the whole country.  It has the best German food that I have eaten (excluding food that is actually in Germany).

My favorite entree there is the Mandel Schnitzel.  All the entrees come with a ton of amazing sides such as potato dumplings.  It cannot be understated how amazing the food is!  alkjf;lagsahgashfkhsaghs you have to eat here because it is so delicious.

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Valentines Day Food

In a word:  chocolate.  Here are 5 foods that will make you forget that Valentines Day is just another Thursday in February where you don’t have a date:

1. Chocolate Covered Pretzels (see my previous post here for instructions)

2. Chocolate Covered Strawberries

I.  There are a lot of ways to do this.  You can melt semi-sweet chocolate chips in the                  microwave for just a few seconds(make sure to not overcook).  I like to use wooden                dowels as skewers for the strawberries.  You don’t need a chocolate fountain to                        have fondue.

3. Literally anything dipped in Nutella (ok, maybe not anything)

4.  Heart shaped pancakes

I.  step one: make pancake mix

II. step two:  pour in shape of heart

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5.  dum dums (or those heart shaped lollipops that taste 100x better than normal lollipops)

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Food to Cure Your January Blues

The holidays are over now, which can be kind of sad.  So to cure the blues, just eat good food.

Chick-Fil-A is perfect comfort food, especially their milkshakes.

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This is just a food staple.

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Everything made of chocolate can definitely make you feel better.  Ferrero Rocher is one of my favorites.

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Good ice cream is always a good fix.  Ben and Jerry’s is really good.  My favorite flavor is Chunky Monkey, and my second favorite is the Tonight Dough.

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Trader Joe’s Taco Bites are good, but any type of mini taco or taquito is good.

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That’s all for now folks.  Munch on.