Nurses growth in employment

I decided to make a google site out of my research paper to be able to objectively inform and persuade those who are interested in the medical field. I tried to take a positive outlook on the situation of workers’ compensation being low by switching it towards an audience of growing high schoolers looking into different career paths. I thought that it would be more helpful this way instead of focusing on a specific issue. This google site will be sent to the counseling administration for academic students that have shown interest in the medical field. I made some changes to my research papers’ text to fit the criteria of persuasion instead of blatantly stating facts that aren’t on one side or another. I find it important to educate the youth on careers that they might be looking into as opposed to focusing my project on a worldwide issue that would most likely make less of an impact compared to the idea of motivating and encouraging young academics in a positive and helpful way. There are many different ways I could have approached my research paper; nonetheless, it will hopefully make a difference and influence many students in an educational sense.

The cognitive aspect to writing

It truly fascinates me to think about how everyone’s way of thinking and processing information varies from person to person. How one person’s writing is different from the next, the way each individual was nurtured into the world and what their characteristics are, are major factors inside one’s cognitive ability into writing. How is there so many people in this world with something different to say? Language barriers aside, the privilege to communicate and express ideas to others is a privilege that not all will acknowledge or even realize. To begin to understand that with over seven billion people on planet earth, the fact that I’ll never be able to read and understand everyone’s way of thinking and their stories to share is slightly troubling to me.

Whenever I was preparing myself to write an essay about whatever it is in any class, I’d always question what my writing could be that would differentiate my paper from everyone else’s. Keeping in mind that whoever the person is grading my paper has most likely read thousands of papers on the exact same topic. My worry and questioning is, how different can thousands of papers be on the same topic/issue? How many different ways can it be written where it is not the same as another’s? Everyone’s thought process while writing is to be able to piece together words that best fit with what you are trying to portray in your writing in the best of your abilities to get it to be exactly what you need it to be while also following along with any rules or guidelines necessary.

Organic Object

It’s long and slender figure reminds me of a broken finger. With the slightest scratch, it bleeds red. Faded and used, it’ll never go back to its original state. It’s tainted with marks all over. Looks like something that a dark circus clown would use to scare children into eating their vegetables by masking the true colors of a celery with distant shades. Old but not senile.

What can it become? If it changes figure, can it go back? It wouldn’t be the same if it was boiled or cooked, its identity would be changed for better or for worse. The marks resemble scars that show you its past as well as present, depending on how you look at it.

Unfamiliarity of the object, of its name, where it came from, its history, where its been and where it will go is what gives it even more of a compelling secret to its character. Change occurs throughout it, why it doesn’t remind me of happiness but somber dwellings over past occurrences which you wish to get over but it won’t leave your consciousness, like a stalking, bleeding carcass that follows you wherever you go.