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student badgeEvery week, after you finish the Student Blogging Challenge post, complete the Google Form as the concluding step of the challenge. The challenges run one week. They post on Sunday and run through the following Sunday. The Google Form stays active for 9 days, which means that until the Tuesday after the new challenge begins, you can still submit a link to the previous week’s blogging challenge. After that, only the current week’s form is open.


Unless told otherwise, assume that these blog posts are graded assignments. Refer to the weekly blog post rubric for guidance.

Challenge #1 – Introductions – March 15-28 (two weeks) – Submit here through April 11.

Get to know other participants and learn how to communicate safely online.  We’ll modify or update our current avatars and get busy commenting, too.

Challenge #2 – Commenting – Starts March 29 – Submit here through April 11.

Commenting makes blogs come alive! Become a quality commenter and make blogs come alive! Connect with other students, teachers, and classes across the globe.

Challenge #3 Images and Media – Starts April 5Submit here through April 18.

Photos and media are a massive part of blogging. Learn how to use them safely and legally. Plus, share what you already know…and what you discover through this challenge.

Challenge #4 – Catch Up/Free Choice – Starts April 12 – Submit here through April 25.

This is your chance to catch you breath! Finish up tasks and/or write a free-choice post. This is the time to showcase what you’ve learned–and continue to make connections through commenting on other student and class blogs!

Challenge #5 – Earth Day – Starts April 19 – Submit here through May 2.

April 22 marks fifty years of Earth Day. Learn and share more about protecting our planet. Better still, if you’re working on the Ocean Awareness contest, publish some of your findings! 

Challenge #6 – Schools Around the World – Starts April 26 – Submit here through May 9.

Find out how River Bend compares and contrasts to different schools worldwide. For this challenge, we’ll proudly open our school doors to others (virtually, of course)–and intentionally connect with other schools. Through this challenge, we’ll discover what we have in common and what makes us unique, including our location, building, students–even lunches!

Challenge #7 – Emojis – Starts May 3 – Submit here through May 16.

This universal language is always a keyboard of fun, but emojis can also be integrated into blogging in countless ways. Wait until you see the new tools we’ll unearth together!

Challenge #8 – Reflection – Starts May 10 – Submit here through May 23.

Reflect on what you’ve learned and how you’ve changed over the eight weeks of spring blogging. Let’s celebrate our success…with a blogging party online (and in the classroom)!

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