Worth Your Time: Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up

Many of us have new year resolutions that we never really do. Whether it’s working out more, cleaning the house, or getting better grades, we all hope that we magically overnight have a complete do-over of last year. Let’s be honest, no one really completes their resolution, we get lazy or it doesn’t fit into our lives, that’s normal. As I mentioned earlier, a lot of us wishes we could clean our rooms. Well January 1st, organization consultant and author Marie Kondo teamed up with Netflix to create a new show called Tidying Up.

When we think about shows like Hoarders or My Strange Addiction, people usually only watch it for the drama and yelling. But Tidying Up is nothing like that.  In the show, Marie Kondo works with different people across the country who would like to better their living space. Kondo shows them the KonMari method. It’s where you take items by category and hold them in your hand. If they spark true joy, then you keep it. If it doesn’t spark joy anymore, you thank it and gently put it away for donation. This method really opens your eyes in what you truly need and want versus the clutter you have. With her calming demeanor and positive cleaning tactics, she spreads this clean and happy lifestyle to people who live in chaos.

That being said, I think Tidying Up is a very cute and calming show. Seeing people clean and the positive transformations always brings my mood up. Not only that, but it inspires you to want to clean too since her methods are easy and very cleansing. Maybe for people who constantly watch action movies might not want to watch this, I really recommend this for someone who just needs a positive lady in a floral skirt help others. (8/10)

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