Worth Your Time: Captain Marvel

With the brand new superhero movie on track to reach 1 billion in theatre sales, it’s no surprise that it has had it’s fair share on controversy. Trolls on Rotten Tomato were giving the movie terrible scores without even seeing it. It used to have a whopping 33% until it erased the fake reviews, making it jump up to a 60%. The 29 year old Brie Larson plays the role of Captain Marvel, also known as Carol Danvers. Set in 1995, Danvers lives with her best friend Maria (played by Lashana Lynch) and Maria’s daughter. Both want to be Air Force pilots but unable to due to the ban on women being able to enter the air force. Instead, Danvers opts to be part of an experimental test flight, nicknamed Pegasus and conducted by Wendy Lawson (Annette Bening). After both are pronounced dead after the failure, the government shuts it down. 6 years after that crash, Danvers, now known as Vers, works as a soldier for the Kree civilization in space. Because, why not?

Anywho, this movie was pretty good. I wouldn’t call it amazing though. A problem I had with the movie is the production itself. It felt like Marvel blew a lot of money on its up and coming movie Endgame. The setting of the movie felt extremely closed in. For example, the beginning takes place in Los Angeles, but there’s no flair to it. If it wasn’t for a sign that shows a highway in Los Angeles, you wouldn’t know. Nothing about the setting screams ‘Los Angeles’ since there was nothing that is special to that area shown. This happens again when they go to Louisiana. There was nothing that screamed Louisiana to me. You could’ve told me that it was set in Front Royal Virginia and I would have believed it. They should have focused on making the setting they were in more alive like in other movies.

Another problem is the theme. The idea that she is too sensitive and not yet ready for her powers is not really explored. You don’t really see her having any major problems with her power, the whole spiel about her being to sensitive is never talked about again after she hang outs with Nick Fury, and I never really felt like she grew from what happened. Duh, I won’t spoil it, but at the end, she didn’t seem to grow from her experiences. She didn’t mature or “became less sensitive”, she more or less stayed the same.

All in all, I think this was a good movie and monumental for women superheros. It’s inspired many young girls, even my own little sister. Representation is extremely important now that the world is more inclusive. Yet, as the first superhero with a female lead, it could have been better on the writing and production part of it. Hopefully since times are changing, it won’t be long until we see Muslim, Latino, Indigenous, and many other types of superheros representing us on the big screen.


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Bullet Journalling, Is it Worth the Craze?

If anyone knows me in real life, they know that i’m extremely obsessed with all things stationery and organization. I have no clue when it started, but I have it. One things i’ve noticed is that there’s a lot of other crazy nuts like me and some that have even gone as far as to create a bullet journal!

Bullet journaling is a way to plan out your week, month, or year in advanced. It’s a personalized planner where you can decide what to add or not. You can add a calorie, book, weight, money, or movie tracker, or you don’t have to add any of that. That’s one of the reasons it’s an attractive idea for anyone who is creative and needs a better hold on their life.

But  one of the big flaws with this journal is how much time it takes to set up the new month, all it’s weeks, and a theme if you really want to. I started my january spread on December 30th and I still haven’t completed it. Not only that but if you’re not good at remembering to do a new spread, you’ll soon yourself in June with a book that only goes up to March.

So in my opinion, bullet journaling is a great way to organize and plan out your school and home life if you know your boundaries. If you know you don’t have time to create a bunch of patterns and turn your journal to a scrapbook, make it simple. If you have the extra time and want to make your bullet journal look like Michaels threw up on it, go ahead. A bullet journal can be made to you liking and can have whatever you want. If your life is hectic or just want to be prepared, buy a fancy pen and a 5 dollar journal and start planning.

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Worth Your Time: Marie Kondo’s Tidying Up

Many of us have new year resolutions that we never really do. Whether it’s working out more, cleaning the house, or getting better grades, we all hope that we magically overnight have a complete do-over of last year. Let’s be honest, no one really completes their resolution, we get lazy or it doesn’t fit into our lives, that’s normal. As I mentioned earlier, a lot of us wishes we could clean our rooms. Well January 1st, organization consultant and author Marie Kondo teamed up with Netflix to create a new show called Tidying Up.

When we think about shows like Hoarders or My Strange Addiction, people usually only watch it for the drama and yelling. But Tidying Up is nothing like that.  In the show, Marie Kondo works with different people across the country who would like to better their living space. Kondo shows them the KonMari method. It’s where you take items by category and hold them in your hand. If they spark true joy, then you keep it. If it doesn’t spark joy anymore, you thank it and gently put it away for donation. This method really opens your eyes in what you truly need and want versus the clutter you have. With her calming demeanor and positive cleaning tactics, she spreads this clean and happy lifestyle to people who live in chaos.

That being said, I think Tidying Up is a very cute and calming show. Seeing people clean and the positive transformations always brings my mood up. Not only that, but it inspires you to want to clean too since her methods are easy and very cleansing. Maybe for people who constantly watch action movies might not want to watch this, I really recommend this for someone who just needs a positive lady in a floral skirt help others. (8/10)

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Worth Your Time: Aquaman vs Into the Spiderverse

Two movies have been released this winter season as the new blockbusters for not only december but for the beginning weeks for January. I was fortunate enough to watch both movies without any expectations. They’re both good movies in their own respective ways, but hopefully this review will help you decide which one to watch.

Starting off with Aquaman, it was a pretty good movie. It follows Aquaman, played by Jason Momoa, going back to reclaim Atlantis before his evil step brother wrecks havoc on land. Pretty standard stuff for a movie about a supernatural character. Regardless, watching the movie, it felt a little bland. It had some nice scenes in it, but the overall feeling of the film felt like every other generic movie. Not only that, but sometimes the effects used underwater looked muddy and sometimes completely blurred. But overall, a nice watch if you really want to go out of your way to see it. 7/10 for me.

Now whenever someone sees an animated cartoon, they automatically assume it’s for kids. Even though Into the Spiderverse has the target audience of children, it’s still an amazing watch. Art and comicbook fanatics would be able to fall in love with the stylised 3D effects that look as if someone drew all the scenes. Spiderman fans will also be able to enjoy small little easter eggs and details found in the movie relating to other films. Not only that, but the story of an up and coming hero in the midst of pure chaos is an interesting concept. Surprisingly dark for a kids movie but with an inspiring message that everyone can be a hero, I give this movie a 9/10 since characters like Noir and Peni Parker would be better with more development. Not only that but some scenes in the movie can cause eye strain do to the strobing effects.

Now, I think Spiderman; Into the Spider Verse is more worth your time. It’s an amazing movie and not bad for a company that made The Emoji Movie.

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