Junior Year- Classes

I need help.

I don’t know exactly how many people got a letter from the college board, but I got one and assumed the worst. Thankfully, it was just the college board saying that I should take AP Lang. I was flattered but then got intimidated by the fact that everyone is calling that class suicide if you plan on taking other APs with it. All my college friends are still in classes or out of state and I have no older siblings to talk about it. Plus, there’s always the gamble that im trying to take 3-4 APs. US, seminar, and psychology. I certainly don’t want to drop out of one, but i don’t want to underestimate my abilities since homework is fairly easy and fast for me depending on what the task asks for. Hopefully i will be able to talk to my counsellor soon so that she can knock some sense into me.


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