Testing Season; Thoughts in May

May means a lot of things. Pollen, flowers, heat, last weeks of school. But one huge thing it means is that the dreaded final exams are coming. For a lack of better words, this period of time is hell on Earth due to the amount of work leading up to the exams, the stress while completing them, and the overwhelming feeling of relief when nothing has to be done for that class anymore. Every single class has some cumulative test at the end of the year, which to me is stupid because why can’t it just be done before hand? Regardless, the fear of the tests and the excitement of it all ending is amazing to say the least. In just 2 more school years, we will be sent off to college or to the workforce, becoming our own independent people. For some it will be hard, yet for others it will be easy. Sometimes I enjoy being at school, it’s comforting when your start thinking that in just a year or two, you will legally be an adult.

But at the same time, you’re a kid right now. You have no debts to your name, you don’t have to pay bills, work, drive, nothing. We all complain about being treated like a child, but we’re scared to grow up. One day we’ll look back to our exam days and our stress and say, “man, we had it easy.” Or, you’ll say that was the most stressful thing in your life and that you hated every second of it! Maybe school was the one time in your life that you had no worries, or maybe you will have so many worries its suffocating. Only time will tell how you view your childhood and school days.

Until then though, exams suck and are stressful for no reason.

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