December Favs!

Being that Christmas/ my birthday is right around the corner, I decided that it would be fun to talk about 5 of my favourite items this month! This is in no particular order and has no category whatsoever.

  1.  Long Sleeve shirts! Long sleeves are usually always in season, but i’m confident to say that this time of year is when they’re really prevalent. I love the ones with a design on the front pocket and a huge one on the back. I usually buy them oversized so I can wear a heating long sleeve on the bottom. They’re very thin but keep you very warm, perfect to go out in without having to wear a thick jacket and you don’t have to worry about being to hot.
  2. Fuzzy socks! Ah yes, the staple to every basic girl. I love these socks since they’re basically versatile for everything.  You can wear them with sneakers, boots, running shoes, booties, moccasins, slides, they’re perfect to everything. Plus, they’re very nice to pair with a bland ish outfit you wish had an extra touch to spice it up.
  3. Eucerin Cream of dry skin! The colder it gets, the more cracked your skin gets. This leads to skin flaking and irritation, something that no one wants. I used this cream all the time, especially after washing my hands. The school soap isn’t very soothing and the water is so cold that my hands feel deads. After using it for a week now, I can say that I feel and see a different.
  4. Magic Mane 10 in 1 Primer! Something I also notice is that my hair looks and feels a lot duller than it usually does. Sometimes I want the summer shine that I used to have. This is possible with this hair primer that is not only a nourishing oil, but a heat protectant that cuts the hair drying time significantly. It’s perfect for someone who doesn’t want to blow 50 dollars on a small bottle of oil and someone looking for a cheap alternative.
  5. Lofi music! It’s no surprise that i’m a fan of the lowkey beats. I love listening to the long playlists when I do homework or just need to chill out. No one song is the same and it’s great to hear the distinct beats and noises certain musicians use. Not only that, but it’s so satisfying to drown out the world and just focus on the beats. It’s my favourite genre of music by far and I recommended it for people who can’t sit still when it’s dead quiet.

My Dream Job and Why

So this week instead of doing the usual, i’m going to speak about something more personal, my dream job! Ever since i was little, my family and I loved the idea of my future career as a doctor. My whole life my family, especially my grandparents, have pushed me to become a doctor or a lawyer. Considering that their in their native country, Guatemala, there’s not as many opportunities as a student as there are here, I understood why they pushed this on me. But through my life, i’ve gone through phases. From doctor, lawyer, dancer, artist, hairdresser, and video game designer, i’ve found a job i’m really interested to! Surprisingly or not, i want to become a Physical Therapist in Pediatrics.

In April-May of 2018, I hyperextended my leg during a pep rally performance which caused mini rips in my tendons. I went to the clinic where my aunt worked and got it checked out. They said that I would be out of dance and had to go to physical therapy. At first I was super bummed. Physical therapy seemed weird to me since i’ve never had to go. But once I got there, something clicked. I liked the atmosphere there, the way they  helped me, and how they would help others with more serious injuries get their mobility back. Around the same time, I found an Instagram mom named Christina who had a child with Cerebral Palsy. Her daughter, Finley, has been making the journey to gain as much mobility as possible. In the videos you could see the physical therapist helping her out. I decided to give her a follow.

From that day, i’ve been suggested dozens of accounts on my feed of children trying to regain or achieve mobility like Finley. I also watched documentaries on top of documentaries of children with special conditions achieving all these feats. I absolutely loved how accomplished they looked after going down a flight of stairs or even just walking on a straight line. Not only that, but hearing the parents talk about how proud they are and how they want the best for them warmed my heart.

Physical therapy seems like the best fit for me. It’s everything I could ask for. I would be able to help people on the daily, my pay would be good, I would be giving life changing help to kids, and it’s just a specialised version of something i’ve always wanted to be. How my dream career would go is that I work as a PT in pediatrics for a while, then work as a PT for military veterans. Even though it will take a lot of work, i’m willing to put in my all so I can do my dream job and help people.