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No offense but,


Now don’t get me wrong, Dominion is way better then Seneca is. But with the way that they’re treating homecoming makes me have flashbacks of the famous Beach Blast. Homecoming is as ‘American public school’ as you can get, it’s a staple in everyone’s high school experiences. From the fun and good songs, friends, and partying, it’s obvious that people like going. Or at least used to.

My friends have been uploading instagram polls on their stories for days asking who will go with the answers almost always clicking no. I asked my classmates why they weren’t going and a huge part of it is that the DJ sucks and the fact that it gets boring. Now considering that i’m a sophmore, I obviously went to the dance my freshman year. I considered it a lot of fun but not because of the dance itself, but the people who went there. The songs were mediocre at best and some just downright bad, but we stuck it out the whole night. The next morning when I checked my phone, people were complaining about how the songs were bad and the movie moment everyone wanted, the slow dance, didn’t even happen. I feel like the DJ was told “Hey, we need you to play 2000’s throwbacks and a couple cringy hits. Oh yeah, no slow songs because we need to make sure they leave room for Jesus.” Now this is the main reason why no sophmores want to go and hey, I don’t blame them. I don’t listen to Silentos “Now Watch Me Whip” when I want to listen to quality music. Plus, I know some people went with their sweethearts wanting to squeeze one slow dance but ended up getting Gangnam Style instead. Not to mention that there was nowhere to sit. If you wanted a short break you had to get your 50 dollar dress dirty and sit on the floor. It would’ve been great if they added chairs considering we have a huge abundance of them. Don’t even get me started on the tarp that made people’s feet turn pitch black and now.  I appreciate the SCA trying their hardest to make the turnout high by even adding games, but this problems are with the admins. They should be more lenient. The turn out won’t be high because of the games and food (though it’ll help a little), the turnout will be high if they let us have some freedom, at least for night. We are constantly under extreme pressure and expectations and wait for one night to just let loose and fun. Now? We’d rather stay home and do homework then go to the staple events of the year.

That being said, have a good rest of your week and if i don’t show up to school, the admins kicked me out because of this post.

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