Overworked Registered Nurses

I chose to change my research paper into a google site, that gives basic information on what the duties of a registered nurse are and their project job growth. But mainly focusing on the challenges they have to face and how it negatively affects their mental and physical state, specifically registered nurses. The shortage of […]

Last Blog Post

It’s my last blog post and I have no clue what to write about. I was procrastinating the whole day, trying to come up with ideas and yet I still have nothing. When blogging was first mentioned, I thought that I would never be able to do it. I envisioned blogging more for women that […]

Childhood Memory

When I was eight, my room was arranged so that my bed was pushed up against the wall, so I would sleep facing the wall and my back was towards the door. Anyways, it was around 11 pm on a school night and I was peacefully sleeping when I felt a tap on my back. […]

Starbursts vs. Kisses

The Starburst does not understand why the Hershey Kiss is shaped as a cone, pointing to the sky. How easy it would be for the Kiss to melt and become disfigured or crushed. Its strange shape is only highlighted by its shiny, aluminum foil wrapper with the little flag that says “Kisses”. It wonders why […]

Power of Music

Who knew that four minutes of music could completely change one’s mood. With some songs that hype them up while others bring them down to earth. Music is everywhere, in commercials, playing in stores and even being blasted in the car. The right type of music can make someone’s day or make it bearable. Finding […]

How Time Flies

It feels as if yesterday, I was a freshman telling myself that I only had three more years of high school and how excited I was to be a senior. I never realized how fast time would move. Now as a senior, struggling to get through my classes and trying to figure out which colleges […]

High School Artifact

A black, worn-out notebook whose front cover is ripping at the bottom from constantly being shoved in my backpack, is slowed tearing from the metal spiral. An ordinary notebook that contains 61 Spanish conjugations for common verbs, including irregular ones. Each page containing 16 horizontal boxes that contain the different conjugations: present, future, present perfect, […]

Organic Object

I carelessly grabbed the first exotic fruit my eyes fell upon, overlooking the dragon fruit in my hand. Its vibrant pink skin, now dull and developing white spots, signaling the beginning of decomposition. Its smooth and unmarked skin, now covered in bruises and white spots and dents from the skin being dug into. Its bright […]

Hello world!

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