The monkeys panicked when they saw soldiers calling for their king with demands for surrender. When Sun Wukong heard about the situation he did not hesitate in preparing to fight. He put on his golden armor and prepared his cudgel, and strode out into the sunlight. 

The head of the vanguard stepped forward to make the faction’s stipulations. “Remove your armor and weapon immediately, and come back with us. And if you attempt to resist, every living thing here will be killed. You can’t beat me.”

The Monkey King was furious at the arrogant warrior. He called forth, “What a joke! I would kill you right now, but I have some demands of my own and need you alive to carry my message. I have great power, far greater than that which you possess, and your leader made me the “protector of the horses”. If you want me back, you’ll have give me a far better title than that!” 

What followed was a magnificent battle as the scornful soldier swung a giant battle axe which the golden cudgel easily blocked. They clashed several times before the monkey ended the fight and subdued his opponent. The loser fled in terror, which melted to shame upon seeing the temple and admitting defeat.

The Great Sage sent forth another soldier, who also failed despite its monstrous abilities. When it returned and told of the monkey’s demands and overwhelming strength, the Sage decided to capitulate once again and offered the chaotic beast the title he wanted. It was only an empty title, after all; he could swallow his pride for the sake of pacifying the demon. 

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