Apparently immortality prevents hangovers

Upon his return Sun Wukong quickly started showing off his new weapon. As an award for their advice, he made the oldest monkeys generals.HeĀ 

For a time afterwards all the Monkey King and all his subjects feasted. He invited several powerful demon rulers with whom he was well acquainted to celebrate as well.

One day as Sun was falling asleep in a drunken stupor he looked up to see two figures approach him and tie him up. They dragged him until they reached a city, at which point he began to recover from his drunken stupor. He recognized the the lands surrounding him to be in the realm of the dead and struggled to break free from his captors. The Monkey King was able to reach his weapon and quickly escaped and beat the guards to a pulp.

Raging, Sun Wukong stormed through the gates, terrifying all the residents in the process. Messengers quickly alerted the ten Lords of the Dead, who emerged from their palace to confront the assailant. They managed to talk him down from his attack and invited him to see the book in which they kept track of the deceased. When the Monkey King crossed out his name and those of his subjects, nobody dared to complain for fear of an attack.

Wukong returned to reality easily when, while rushing out of the city, he tripped and hit his head. He came to surrounded by guards telling him to wake up as he had slept in. Unconcerned with quaint concerns about “schedules”, he took the opportunity to regale them on his unconscious exploits and the immortality now available to his subjects. There was no worry about consequences; after all, he had successfully had fended those off the previous night.

At least he thought so.

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