Fite fite fite

Facing the giant demon, Sun Wukong leapt to punch its face. However, the blow was blocked by a massive hand. It laughed and swung its massive sword, which was easily dodged. After a brief exchange of attacks and witty retorts, the Demon King had been hit several times but still fought on without hesitation. The Monkey King retreated to use magic.

Hundreds of small monkeys appeared to attack the demon. They bit and clawed, and then picked it up to toss to the ground. Sun Wukong stood before the fallen monster and finished it off with the sword it had once wielded.

Once the demons’ leader was taken care of, it was an easy matter sweeping the hideout for underlings. In the cave there were several monkeys who had been kidnapped, which the Monkey King easily carried back with him to the others. 

The return of the lost merited a fine feast. The monkeys were rapt with attention as Sun Wukong regaled them with tales of his journey. They enjoyed that night greatly.

And the following day they began to train.

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