Sun Wukong: Return

The Monkey King departed soon and, using one of the many spells he had learned over the many years, arrived back at the Mountain of Flower and Fruit within a few hours. Hearing his fellow monkeys crying out, he announced his presence.

They gathered around him and began to explain the situation. A demon had been harassing them and blocking off the idyllic cave discovered by the Monkey King. Furious at the demon’s audacity, Sun Wukong cried, “Who are they? These deeds shall not go unpunished. Tell me everything, then I shall go and defeat it.”

The leading ape bowed and said, “The Demon King of Confusion, as it calls itself, resides somewhere to the north. We have not been able to find the exact location of its lair.”

Sun Wukong departed and soon saw a massive peak that stood out from the surrounding mountains. Nearing, he saw several minor devils rushing about.

“Deliver a message to the Demon you serve,” he commanded. “I am king of the Mountain of Flower and Fruit to the South. You monsters have been mistreating my people, I demand that the Demon come out and fight me.”

The devils hurried to their leader and described the new contestant. After hearing of his words, the demon king laughed and prepared to fight.

From the cave emerged the massive Demon King of Confusion, who held a brilliant sword and wore a magnificent set of black armor, cape billowing in the breeze. Far below it hovered the Monkey King, in a simple robe and with nothing to fight with but his fists.


Who will win this fight? Read the next installment to find out!


Unless you have any degree of genre-savviness! But, I digress.

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