Sun Wukong: Return

The Monkey King departed soon and, using one of the many spells he had learned over the many years, arrived back at the Mountain of Flower and Fruit within a few hours. Hearing his fellow monkeys crying out, he announced his presence.

They gathered around him and began to explain the situation. A demon had been harassing them and blocking off the idyllic cave discovered by the Monkey King. Furious at the demon’s audacity, Sun Wukong cried, “Who are they? These deeds shall not go unpunished. Tell me everything, then I shall go and defeat it.”

The leading ape bowed and said, “The Demon King of Confusion, as it calls itself, resides somewhere to the north. We have not been able to find the exact location of its lair.”

Sun Wukong departed and soon saw a massive peak that stood out from the surrounding mountains. Nearing, he saw several minor devils rushing about.

“Deliver a message to the Demon you serve,” he commanded. “I am king of the Mountain of Flower and Fruit to the South. You monsters have been mistreating my people, I demand that the Demon come out and fight me.”

The devils hurried to their leader and described the new contestant. After hearing of his words, the demon king laughed and prepared to fight.

From the cave emerged the massive Demon King of Confusion, who held a brilliant sword and wore a magnificent set of black armor, cape billowing in the breeze. Far below it hovered the Monkey King, in a simple robe and with nothing to fight with but his fists.


Who will win this fight? Read the next installment to find out!


Unless you have any degree of genre-savviness! But, I digress.

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The time came when the other disciples asked Sun Wukong of the magics he had learned. The monkey was eager to talk, attributing his mastery of the spells to the Immortal as well as to his own practice. This only excited the others more, and they asked him to show it. 

Sun Wukong flashed a grin and asked, “What’s it to be? Tell me what I should turn into.” 

“Turn into a pine tree!” one clamored, and he did so. Everyone clapped and chuckled upon seeing the dramatic display, and the tree changed back into a monkey.

Hearing the racket, Subhuti emerged from his room and inquired, “Who’s making all this noise?”

They were quick to explain what had happened so as to ease any worries about outsiders. However, the master was not pleased at their antics. The disciples were sent away until only the Immortal and the Monkey King remained. 

“Is that the way you wish to use those spells, for showing off? Might they not ask you to teach them? You can easily get in trouble this way.”

Sun Wukong balked at the admonishment, and desperately apologized. Subhuti made it clear that there was no anger, only disappointment. 

“You will have to leave. Return to where you came from, or explore, but you will never be able to come back here.”

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That night the Monkey King learned many spells to harness Spirit for protection and purity. When he departed to sleep, his heart was peaceful and filled with bliss. This was a pattern for 3 years, until Subhuti once again came to lecture to the disciples. The teachings were profound, concerning both the inner and outer world. With them, though, came a warning.

The powers Sun Wukong was learning brought dangers intended to defeat immortals. Demons and spirits angered by the great power would strike with three Disasters, all of which were lethal unless evaded. Although he was doubtful at first, after hearing the explanation the Monkey King was deeply disturbed and begged for knowledge to escape death.

The responding advice was imparted thusly:

“Your sight must be clear so that you can hide from them before they come. If you succeed in avoiding all of them you will live as long as eternity itself; if you don’t, you will be burned or torn to shreds.”

“There are several transformations that you could employ for this purpose. You can learn either ascendant transformations, of which there are only 36, or the 72 worldly ones.”

After some consideration, the Monkey King decided to learn the 72 worldly transformations to get as much as much as possible out of them.

Subhuti does not comment except to say, “If that is your will.” before whispering the miraculous secrets into Sun Wukong’s ear.

I claim no ownership of the image.

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