The Monkey King introduced himself as a disciple hoping to learn the Way of Immortality. The apprentice laughed before offering to take him to the Immortal. Accepting the guidance, the monkey straightened his clothes and followed the apprentice through the gates.

Inside, the sanctuary was filled with splendor. Precious stones formed majestic works of art and massive buildings. After they passed countless cells, the Monkey King finally saw the Immortal amidst a crowd of disciples.

Subhuti sat on a dais made of jasper. Their countenance was pure and golden, freed by enlightenment from the imperfection and desires of mortal beings. Upon seeing them, the Monkey King bowed and proclaimed them his master.

“Where are you from?” Subhuti queried. “You must tell me your name and address before you can become my pupil.”

The monkey uncertainty answered, “I have no name, but I have come from the Mountain of Flower and Fruit.”

The Immortal was angry, thinking that he had lied. In desperation, the Monkey King declared his truthfulness and described his origin and journey. Subhuti subsided, now interested. After some consideration, they proposed a surname of “Wu.” The Monkey King was delighted, and enquired after a personal name to further identify himself. On that day the monkey received the name Sun Wukong, meaning Monkey Awakened to Emptiness.

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