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This story is based off of Journey to the West. It is a rather interesting (if somewhat long) read, but a good summary can be found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61nuXrvqNgI.

Long before time was ever measured, Spirit and Body were one. No beings existed in the way mortals understand it.

Then, time began crawling. The physical world began moving and changing while the Spirit remained unchanged. On the small scale substance was able to retain some of this power, but most was detached from reality.

There were exceptions, of course. One planet held a smooth rock with powerful magic. Inside was held the potency of life and the resilience of death, amplified by Spirit that had accumulated since its creation. After many eons, the stone broke open to reveal an egg the size of a ball. When shaken by wind the egg hatched and released a stone monkey. He quickly learned to crawl and walk, and looked each direction over the edge of the plateau to see what was there. The monkey’s power was so great that from his eyes shone beams of light and magic that cut through the galaxy.

One of the beams happened to coincide with the location of a number of other exceptions. Many beings throughout this particular galaxy were born with a connection to the latent spirit of the universe, though none had the raw power of the stone monkey. Instead they had formed a society in the time before the monkey hatched. The leader was called the Supreme Sage, and he was one of those who was close to the path of the beam. He was on his throne with his immortal ministers, in the Temple of the Clouds. Curious at the brilliant light, he sent two of his Seers to determine what was the cause.

“Your subjects have observed the source of the golden light. We found that on an island on the planet of Aolai called the Mountain of Flower and Fruit, the magic stone that rested there broke to reveal an egg. The egg hatched into a stone monkey, who sent the golden beam from his eyes.”

The Sage’s curiosity was satisfied by the explanation and he decided to be kind and leave the magic monkey be for a time.

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