Week 7 Holiday and Festivities.

Hello. You look marvelous today. 🙂

My name is Brie and the Holidays are just around the corner and I decided to write about a holiday I celebrate with my family called Independence Day of Peru.  July 28 in each year commemorates the day that Peru gained its independence. General José de San Martín, known as Peru’s liberator, proclaimed Peru’s independence on this date. This holiday is a very important day for my family, my parents are immigrants and most of their families live far away. Distance is hard even for me, I visit Peru one every year or at least I  try to. I don’t know if I’m the only one that feels this but i hate being separated from the people I love deeply, it affects my everyday life activities including school. 

worth the outcome. Seeing my mom smile is something that makes me feel extremely happy, considering the fact that she’s been through so much for her family. Anyways thank you for visiting my blog! Please leave a comment so I could return the visit and leave a comment. See you i my next post


The marinera traditional dance

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