First Blog Post of 2020

Today was the first school day of the decade and let’s just say I learned a lot about my communications class. One of my classmates Gabe I already knew, well I wouldn’t say I knew him well but well I knew some stuff about him that most people in this class didn’t because we went to the same school last year for 6th grade. Abby was a pretty nice person as well as Anna Claire. They’re both my friends but were not that closes in a way it was fun getting to know them a little better. Melia and I aren’t really close but she sounds like a really fun and interesting person to be friends with, i’m glad i got to learn a few things about her. Emma S was also a very interesting person to get to know. She was more on the artsy side sort of? They’re all personally different . Abby likes rap, Anna Claire likes Country and hip hop, Gabe likes rap, and Emma likes showtones. Everyone’s different in their own ways. I couldn’t get to everyone in class, but i got to most of them and they’re all nice, fun, and interesting.Emma was different not in a bad way, but I’ve never really met someone that’s interested in the things that she’s into. It was kind of exciting getting to know her. Anna Clarie seems like a fun person. Abby asked me questions and I only got to ask her some due to lack of class time but I got to know her a little better and it was pretty interesting. Even though I didn’t get to everyone I still wish I did and I hope I become closer to them. In conclusion I love my communications class and i’m glad i’m taking this class I got to meet so many new people. Leave a comment and a link to your own blog so I can return the visit! See you in my next blog.

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