Why dance?

Performance at BlackRock Center for Arts on January 20th, 2019

I sometimes question myself as to why I chose to dance instead of all of the other activities I could do like soccer, swim, or track. As a reader, you would assume it is because of my interest in dance, but in reality it was because two of my close friends were going to dance class. Eventually it stuck with me and I continued to do it after one of my friends moved and the other was in another dance class in the same academy. After a while, we could not do it in the same place, so my teacher rented a studio and classes got merged. I was reunited with my friend and we met new friends. I like to think that the other reason why I continue to dance is because of the group and I get the opportunity to learn about the history of India, I am not a big fan of history but the myths in India are fascinating.

4th of July Celebration

I wanted to throw it back to last summer where my friends and I had the best team bonding. According to the title, you probably assumed that this was on July 4th. Not entirely correct , it was actually July 3rd. My friend lives in South Riding which means that it is a 40 minute drive to get to her house, so my friend and I carpooled. It was a little party and a sleepover.We started the party by attempting to take aesthetic pictures at the local park using the golden hour to our advantage.  I wish I could tell you that the pictures were decent, but unfortunately they were not, we did not have that natural glow that you would expect for a golden hour post. No, we looked like carrots in red, white, and blue.

But there is a first time for everything! Am I right?Anyways, we headed back and cooled off and ate delicious food consisting of two different types of pasta and garlic bread and a lot more food.We went back outside and took pictures with sparklers and the pictures were amazing. It was about 10 pm, so we used the flashlight from our phone to make sure everybodies face and hair was visible. After that we watched the best bollywood movie called Chennai Express. It is a really funny movie especially the facial expressions of the lead actor.At three in the morning, we ate dessert which was a cookie cake. And we also encountered a spider, I will spare you the details.We fell asleep at four and went back home the next day.

In five years, I want to remember that there was a day where I was free and had the time of my life. It was better than homecoming  and the beach blast combined. Once college starts, we will not be able to meet up that often, but these memories will always be there. I decided to write about this because as a rising junior you start stressing about college or what you want to do with your life. Just remember to still have fun and cherish the time you spend with your friends and family.



In India, there are about seven types of Indian classical dance, Kathakali,Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi,Odissi,Manipuri, and Kathak. There are other types of Indian dance, but this post will be focused on Kathak since I participate in this dance.

Now, what is Kathak?

Kathak is a dance where the performance has a certain moral that is portrayed through gestures,expressions, and no words. Generally, the music does not have a lyrics which gives the audience the chance to pay close attention to the dancers and try to understand the dance. Our costumes are dresses with a lot of decorations but easy to wear and dance in. Our make up is a little bit more than what the natural makeup would be like, we have bright red lips and an eyeshadow corresponding with the color of our dresses. We tie a long string of bells on to our feet that jingle when we have footwork in our dance.

Kathak, like other dance forms, are much more complicated than the description that I have provided, but I felt like it was necessary to give an overview of what type of dance I do.

Bangladesh Embassy (Year taken-unknown)



¨Titli¨ Performance Annual Recital at Broad Run High School (Year taken- unknown)

We are encouraged to try things at a very young age to feel a spark to a particular thing. As an only child, my parents wanted me to try everything from karate to remembering prayers at an academy. My thought process as a five year old was to let my parents have the satisfaction of me trying new things, then bawl my eyes out and stop it. I eventually realized that I couldn’t sit at home and watch cartoons 24/7 so I started caring

My parents didn’t know about me secretly dancing in my bedroom to bollywood songs, but they did find out and decided to put me in a dance academy. I was with my friend so I  felt a little comfortable. As years passed on we grew up but my friend and I were separated because I took a small break from dance.That was my mind set eight years ago when I started dance.

When I came back to the academy, I found a friend and we talked, today she is one of my best friends along with seven other girls. As I grew older and danced more, I realized that it is important to enjoy what you are doing and who you are doing it with.

You should not feel restricted to have a conversation with them just about the sport or event that you are preparing for. One of my friends told me that she was afraid that she would be the black sheep of the group because we had been dancing for years, but we all were on that boat sometime in our life. You could say when you try something you don’t have the fear of the sport itself, but more of the people who will be with you.