Summer Plans

Well, summer is right around the corner! Some people are going on vacation, having guests, getting their life together, or like me, all of the above. I absolutely love summer because that means that our annual recital is coming soon and we finish one more dance exam. As good as summer may seem, there are some cons. For example, all of the students are not on the same page because we are all going on vacation at different times. Another bad side of it is that there are exam stresses because as you go to the higher levels, the exams are taken more seriously. Anyways, hope you all are doing okay in the last few weeks of chaos!





Holi time!

May is… well many things. We have sol testing and AP exams as well as finals. Yeah, not fun, but I do love the end of may because we get to celebrate Holi. This is one of my favorite things because there is good food and I surround myself with my amazing dance group. Now, to others, we look like maniacs because we are throwing color at each other and taking interesting pictures for memories, but I would not trade it for anything. To those who do not know, Holi is the festival of colors in honor of Lord Krishna. I would say that this is the event where we truly bond as a group because it is stress free ( well maybe not stress free from all of the weird stares we get, but it is still fun and worth it!) Happy Holi!

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Steps to teach and choreograph

Now, we are all procrastinators in some way. It may be from school work or simply just getting out of bed in the morning. For my dance group and I, it is choreographing a dance and making it look presentable. During practice, I admit, we are a mess, but on stage we are collected.

  1. Have a reasonable deadline- if the song is four minutes long, do not expect it to be done within a week if you spend five minutes a day doing it and then constantly change the steps. It is important to give you and your group time to review and learn.
  2. Take it slow- Not all of your group will get the steps immedietly. You must take it slow and teach it carefully and correctly, because if you get frustrated, your dance will not be performed the way you imagined.
  3. Be open to opinions and ideas- You must remember to take input from everyone. If one person in the group states that they do not like a step, you should ask them if they have another option and once you agree with a choreography, you should be fine.
  4. Communicate with the instructor- if you have an issue about the dancers or a step, talk to your dance teacher for her opinions and her options. You must get their approval before you proceed. As mentioned in step one, setting a deadline is important, but you should plan out everything before continuing.
  5. Persist- work hard and make this dance worth it!

It is also good to know that things change, last minute things come up. Do not get frustrated because one day that person might be you.

I hope everyone has a great day!


This year was the 10th Annual Recital for Arpan Dance Academy, we were stressed out and it resulted in a very successful performance.

For us, at least. On stage, we are calm and collected, but backstage parents are scrambling to get makeup on kids,performers are practicing, kids are running around,props are lost, costumes are all over the place as well as shoes, parents are trying to shush their kids.

In other words, it is chaos.

Before the performance everyone is quiet and anxious. Our hands are sweaty from gripping our friend’s hands. We peek our heads from the side of the curtains to see any familiar faces. As they announce our names to perform, we smile at each other and it is almost as if we are saying “good luck”, but the words are unspoken.


All the stress has left our bodies as we enter the stage and make a promise to ourselves that this will be a good show.


Annual Recital at Broad Run High School 2017


We have all dealt with the situation where you are with a group of people who you barely know. You have three options: pretend to not notice them and go on your phone, make an excuse to leave the room, or you could just simply try to interact with them. It seems hard at first, but talking and getting to know your group helps you enjoy the activity more.

For me, I had two friends in my class and we all went to the same school, but one of my friends and

In dance, there are scenarios where you have to work together to choreograph song. That choreography done between friends will be a lot better than choreography done by strangers. Since preschool, our teachers always stressed the importance of team work.

It is not a school skill. It is a life skill.


Anacostia Arts Center





During a ride home from one of my performances, my dad asked me how I was not nervous to perform on stage in front of many people. I laughed at the question because I didn’t know the answer. Before any performance my dance teacher always told us to be calm, smile, and have fun on stage. I never took those words personally, but I now understand what she means. On stage, people aren’t nervous about messing up, they are usually nervous 

¨Shape of You¨ performance. Annual Recital at Stone Bridge High School 2018

 about what people will think about their performance. As a child, I never smiled on stage, but as I grew older, my dance teacher pushed us to smile and connect with the audience. About three years ago in Washington DC, there was a “Miss India Pageant”, I remember smiling and also singing the lyrics while dancing. I noticed that people enjoy the dance more when the performers smile and acknowledge the audience.

The one benefit of dancing on a high school stage is that the stage lights are so bright that you can’t see the audience, just face the front and do your thing.