Dance benefits:

Just to clarify, I do not dance just because of the religious side of it, there are other reasons, and if you are debating if you want to start dancing, here are a couple benefits that dance has!

1. Muscles and controlling weight: as you dance, you gain muscles as well as strength, and it forces you to be in a specific weight range. It is perfect if you are the type of person who tends to overeat like myself.

2. Destress: Going and doing something you love makes you forget about that pile of laundry in the corner of your room or all of the homework that you forgot to do.

3. bone health: By using a ligament repetitively, you are strengthening it and preventing osteoporosis (decrease of bone density as you age)

5. Mental: I associate dance with positivity even though it takes up a lot of energy, my smile on stage used to be forced, but now it is a genuine smile because I am with people that a love and doing what I enjoy.

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